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Metal icons, ACCEPT, recently made the release of their new live package called Restless And Live, public. This package will include the entire show ACCEPT played at Bang Your Head!!! Festival 2015 on Blu-ray/DVD plus two Live CDs with different recordings during the European tour. Get all the details below.


The release will be available in stores from January 13th, 2017 (Nuclear Blast). To provide you with a taster of this new masterpiece, the band led by axe man Wolf Hoffmann present their first trailer for their upcoming Blu-ray/DVD today. In this clip, Wolf and ACCEPT producer Andy Sneap talk about the setlist and about new as well as old classics from ACCEPT. Watch the video below;

“When you do a live show you obviously have an opener and an ending, and in between, you only have a certain amount of songs that you can choose from, because especially at festivals you only get a limited amount of time to play. When we do headline shows we have a little more room to play with and we can pick a few more songs.”, comments Wolf Hoffmann. “What is interesting to me is, that when you listen to the stuff back to back there doesn’t seem to be any discrepancy between the stuff that we recorded or wrote 30 years ago and our more recent material! And the fans tell me the same thing, it really blends together rather well.”


Pre-order Restless And Live now digitally via iTunes or Amazon and receive ‘Restless And Wild [Live]’ and ‘Stampede [Live]’ here.

Watch the live videos for the tracks below:

Accept will be performing in Dublin with Sabaton on January 10th. Click on the link below for more information or check out DME Promotions for more.


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