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Atlanta Groove Metal quintet deliver their fourteenth….yes…..14th album Truth Killer with crushing effect, it’s an angrier and overall a sonically crushing body of work.

In the late 90’s, the floodgates opened to a huge wave of new bands arriving on the scene from the good ol’ US of A… and only a handful have remained constant.

For some reason, Sevendust never made it huge in Europe, although they do have a massive global following, and on the rare occasion they do make it this side of the pond, they always have faired well on the live scene. But sadly, for a band well into 25 years of their career, a handful of tours is a bit rubbish when your music is so bloody brilliant.

Having witnessed the band live just a few times, I can, hand on heart, say they are one of the best live bands I have had the pleasure of seeing. As bitter sweet as this is, they do however, know how to make a great album. And this month they drop their FOURTEENTH opus, which as incredible as it may seem, not only has their signature sound and vocalist Lajon Witherspoon’s unmistakable voice throughout, it also manages to amp up the aggression, and even some experimental elements not so often ventured are included.

Their last album Blood & Stone (2020) was, make no mistake, a great album, but it was also a somewhat ‘safe‘ album. With ‘Truth Killer’ however, the guys have definitely chosen a more ‘open to new ideas‘ approach, and as album opener, ‘I Might Let the Devil Win‘ starts the proceedings, a down tempo electronica beat that barley gets heavy sets the tone with Lajon’s soothing and soulful vocals ooozing with melody. Album title track however, brings the heavy, and the bridge in this song alone is possibly the heaviest Sevendust have sounded in a very long time.

As the album continues, you can feel all the instruments doing exactly what is needed, the guitars especially feel overall heavier, and the melodic parts just feel better than before, and drummer Morgan Rose’s tight-as-hell grooves, and staccato kick-drums bring everything together.

There is an even balance of bangers and head bobbers, ‘Love & Hate‘ is a filthy down-tuned slab of ‘Yes fucking please!’, whereas ‘Won’t Stop the Bleeding‘ mixes that sweet heavy riffery with electronica, and infectious catchy hooks. One thing I have noticed with ‘Truth Killer‘ is for the handful of times I have thus far listened to it, I never found myself skipping a track, and with that, can safely say this is probably one of their best albums since the untouchable ‘Animosity‘ (1999) and ‘Seasons‘ (2001) duo.

Everything you want in a Sevendust record is here. Riffs… check. Heavy…. check. Lajon’s sweet like cream vocals…. check. Catchy as fuck bangers…. lord Check!

‘Truth Killer’ is ALL killer and NO FILLER. Now please tour this bastard Sevendust, we bloody miss you! 5/5

Truth Killer‘ is out Friday, 28th July via Napalm Records. Order your copy here.

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