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Heavy Metal royalty, aka Judas Priest, proves that age is but a number as they release their finest album since 1990’s ‘Painkiller’!

Having passed their 50th anniversary (2020) championing 2018’s ‘Firepower’, there has been no question that UK Metal legends, Judas Priest are drawing in a whole new generation of fans thanks to the unmistakeable quality of their recent slew of singles…

So, with the news of the band’s nineteenth studio album, ‘Invincible Shield‘ being announced late last year, we were treated to a flurry of singles which proved not only had the band continued with the intensive impact of ‘Firepower‘, but have (in my opinion) surpassed said album, and have delivered an instant classic to which I’ve not felt so passionate about since 1990’s ‘Painkiller‘.

Yep, it’s that good!

Opening with almost ‘Seventh Son...’ Maiden-era synths for ‘Panic Attack‘, the realisation that this is gonna be one hell of a ride becomes apparent from the get-go. From the overall production to Halford’s vocals and the guitar tone from Faulkner (I’m not sure how much performance contribution Tippton had on this album, however, he is credited for ‘Sons Of Thunder’ and Escape From Reality), ‘Invincible Shield‘ is a non-stop pummelling, melodic journey from a band that, quite literally, is the very definition of “NWOBHM“.

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The newly invigorated approach to songwriting, (which critics welcomed on ‘Firepower‘) is echoed tenfold here, with such tracks as; ‘The Serpent and The King‘, title-track, ‘Invincible Shield‘, ‘Gates of Hell‘ and their balladesque ‘Crown of Horns’ and ‘Giants in The Sky‘, to name but a few.

In fact, ‘Invincible Shield‘ goes further, offering an almost perfect balance of old-school “Heavy” with heart-soaring melodies and captivating song structure. Add in the spectacular talents of Faulkner who excels more than than ever since joining Priest back in 2011, and you’ve got the potential of album of the year.

As referenced earlier, the production on ‘Invincible Shield‘ is simply flawless. Touring band member and renowned producer, Andy Sneap has raised the bar once again here and will no doubt be inundated with requests for his talents as a result (as if he wasn’t busy enough).

Fast-paced and loaded with that quintessential “Priest” sound, this eleven-track opus will please even the most critical of Metal elitists thanks to the hybrid sound of past and present.

In conclusion, ‘Invincible Shield‘ is not just a new Judas Priest release, it’s a landmark album for the genre of Heavy Metal as a whole. It is a beacon of strength in our global community, reminding us to never forget the history of this glorious genre of music.


Invincible Shield‘ track-listing:

  1. Panic Attack
  2. The Serpent and the King
  3. Invincible Shield
  4. Devil in Disguise
  5. Gates of Hell
  6. Crown of Horns
  7. As God is my Witness
  8. Trial By Fire
  9. Escape From Reality
  10. Sons of Thunder
  11. Giants in the Sky

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Pick up your copy via this link. For Ireland customers, please use this link (limited colour vinyl variants available).

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