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Purveyors of raw, filth-ridden metal, ‘Midnight’, return with a face-scraping NWOBHM sonic rollercoaster.

Cleavland’s ‘Midnight’ (or as I refer to him as ‘the bastard son of Venom”), is back with an album that is so rancidly coarse, raw and heavy, the tracks figuratively smell like the drenched crotch of Cronos’s post-gig undergarments.

Yes, folks, Midnight tends to not fuck around when it comes to crafting sexually-charged, pummelling noise, that tetters on the edge of parody and complete fucking mayhem.

Loaded with ten slabs of old-school proto-Black Metal, guaranteed to piss your neighbors off, start fights and break up your marriage.

The opening track, ‘Expect Total Hell’ sets the tone and it doesn’t let up as Athenar drags us through the undergrowth of his obnoxious and wonderfully vulgar mindscape.

Stand-out tracks, ‘Gash Scrape’, ‘Dungeon Lust’, and ‘F.O.A.L.’ complement what is a fearless and outrageously brilliant follow-up to 2021’s ‘Let There Be Witchery’. A must for any self-respected fan of real old-school METAL!

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