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We dive into the new ‘In Gravity’ album from UK Thrashers, Shrapnel….

Ahh thrash metal… mother’s milk to millions of metalheads around the globe (myself included).

It’s always refreshing to hear new thrash; the riffs, the growls, the aggression, the solos, and the malice that pours from the amp into the ears. Straight out of the boroughs of Norwich, UK thrash quartet Shrapnel has a dozen dirty ditties on their latest album, ‘In Gravity’ that’s ready to fall on our heads (May 31st from Spinefarm Records), and there will be a multitude of neck injuries as a result.

Opening with their eponymous track ‘In Gravity’, there’s a special cameo on backup vocals in the shape of Scott Kennedy from Bleed From Within, and the mix of vocal duties sets a fire underneath the entire album.

Vocalist (and bass player) Daniel Moran isn’t shy about describing his feelings. Drummer Chris Williams carries the pace perfectly throughout ‘In Gravity’ and its’ subsequent follow-on track ‘Amber Screams’, but ‘Guardian’ has a seriously impressive vocal delivery.

The riffs on ‘Breaker’ has an air of recklessness and thrashy fun at the breakdown; the headbanging is backed up by cannon-like drumming from Williams, and the guitars from both Chris Martin and Nathan Sadd only add fuel to the fire. ‘Judgement’ starts off slow and peaceful but that soon gives way to a pitiless bridge section and chorus from Moran, who is NAILING this in all its glory. He has serious pipes, and both Martin and Sadd back him up like lieutenants going into battle.

Dark Age’ and ‘Follow the Cold’ continue the aural festivities with commendable talent and upbeat tempos. ‘As Above’ slows the pace down a bit for a peaceful acoustic section, not unlike what one would hear in a tavern 3 00 years ago on the road to London, but the follow-up ‘… So Below’ shatters the stillness and quiet.

With airs of Megadeth-meets-Killswitch Engage, Shrapnel reveal a jewel in their crown, whilst ‘Rust’ reconfirms the pace that the band has kept up until the penultimate song. Saving the best for last, ‘Kingmaker’ seals the deal with the best song on the record.

From the beginning of this album until the end, the vocal delivery and riffs are absolutely outstanding; especially from Moran, who delivers the vocals in a vibrant and punchy method that changes fluidly between gruff and clean without missing as much as a single solitary beat. It tweaks the ear and it’s just got that punch which makes you think ‘Yes – this is savage!’

This is hands down one of the best albums of the thrash genre so far this year, and a must-have for all metal fans who want to hear a young band’s take on the current state of the world. 4/5

Track of Choice: Kingmaker

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Words: Shaun Martin 2024