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Multi-platinum legendary rock/NuMetal act Staind are back with new album ‘Confessions Of The Fallen’, their first in 12 long years…. and it sounds as familiar, almost like it was found in an archival box of lost tracks!

When a band stops touring and making music, it’s easy these days to write them off fully, but the Massachusetts 4-piece in recent years reformed for a handful of US shows and even graced us recently with a live album ‘It’s Been¬† A While’.

Quite a lot of the second and third wave of Nu-Metal acts are reforming and even gracing us with new music, heck we have had new music from Linkin Park, Taproot, and also talk of new Coal Chamber, and Mudvayne music coming soon… and Staind have just dropped another collection of melancholic haunting, yet heavy bangers. What year is this again? 2003 or 2023??

Since Staind went on another hiatus in 2014 after reforming for a handful of shows from their previous hiatus… damn this is exhausting… it seemed like any new music would only be a pipedream. Frontman Aaron Lewis had already established himself as a successful solo artist in the country music world and was also known for his rather vocal political views, so when the first new single dropped from what was to be the band’s eighth album, I was excited but somewhat hesitant. I need not be, album opener and lead single, ‘Lowest in Me‘ could have easily been a lost track from their Dysfunction or Break The Cycle era recordings.

The whole album from start to finish sounds EXACTLY like you would expect a Staind album to sound like. Mike Mushok’s huge crunchy guitars and stompy riffs, a fuck-ton of groove courtesy of Johnny April (bass) and newest member Sal Giancarelli (drums), topped off with massive vocals and choruses, occasionally dialed back for the more somber moments with songs.

Produced by Erik Ron (Bad Omens, Godsmack), ‘Confessions Of The Fallen‘ captures the raw essence, and emotionally intense themes the band is known for while bringing their sound up to date.

Like ‘Better Days‘ and ‘Take‘. One song for me sadly reminds me of Nickelback and I do find myself skipping this one called, ‘In This Condition‘, but I am not gonna let one dodgy apple out of a dozen tracks ruin this album for me.

If you were a fan of Staind back on the day, you’re gonna love this album. If you dabbled with them, and were familiar with the odd song, I definitely urge you to have a listen… and if you are new to the band, start here, and go backwards through the back catalogue… but do give this album a chance.

An album for the die hards, and fans of the genre, although they are not reinventing themselves in any way, and nor do I want them to. I love this band, and I bloody love this album. Welcome back Staind, now get yer sorry asses over to Europe, and tour this bad boy, yeah?  4.5/5

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Dj Pennell 2023