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Industrial Evil-Disco pioneers Static-X finally complete their ‘Project Regeneration’ album duo, but how does it compare to ‘Volume One’?

Static-X have been a band who, from day one, had their very own unique sound, mashing electronica and samples with disco-driven beats, and catchy synths, mixed with huge slabs of staccato guitars, and frontman Wayne Static’s instantly identifiable snarly vocals…

So when the world mourned his very untimely passing way back in late 2014, the fact that if the band would even continue wasn’t really in question at that time.

Static-X had been defunct for a few years before his passing with Wayne flying solo performing as ‘Wayne Static’ with a hand-picked live band to support him.

Fast forward to 2018 when the surviving founding members announced they were reuniting with a mysterious frontman named ‘Xero’ and were releasing an album of ‘lost and unfinished tracks’ that featured vocals of late Wayne Static, many of us who are fans were initially sceptical.

Despite my fears of Project Regeneration (2020) not being up to standard, I was pleasantly surprised, as the album is a stone cold banger. So, when the band announced a second volume was in the works, I initially thought this would be the dregs and scraps from the editing room floor.

How wrong I was.

I’ll cut to the chase, and simply say, the second instalment of the ‘Lost Wayne Static tapes’ also known as; ‘Project Regeneration‘ is far more superior to the first offering. Better songs, better production, even more references, and easter eggs nodding back to the ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘ ere. There is even a cheeky Nine Inch Nails cover for good measure thrown in as a bonus track.

Like its predecessor, the album is a mix of both Wayne and Xero on vocal duties, and on some tracks, a mix of both.

Starting with ‘Stay Alive’, which sounds like classic Static-X from the get-go, to the poppy-industrial groove of ‘Z0mbie’, fans will already be familiar as these have been released as singles last year. ‘Jic-Boi’ has a real ‘Machine/Shadow Zone‘ vibe, as it laden with a catchy synth melody in the chorus when Xero snarls “Don’t wanna be your just in case boy“. ‘Black Star’ is a less-cathartic track, opting for a half-time stomp feel, with one of the catchiest hooks on the album, and Wayne’s gravel tones, making this a definite stand-out track.


Kamikaze’ dials up the Electro/Industrial chaos, and could have come straight off the ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘ tapes. Experience pure evil disco here. Awesome stuff indeed!

The groove remains throughout on ’No Hope’ and ’Take Control’, both heavy head-boppers in their own right. ’Tone’ focuses massively on the techno/Electro vibe, with a disjointed sample at the beginning, surging into another staccato-slab fest. Brilliant stuff. ‘Run for Your Life’ stomps with a Ministry-esque vibe, but ten times heavier, and ‘Dark Place’ is classic Wayne with another huge chorus vibes from the, ’Start a War’ era.

Now, ‘Disco Otsego’ is a Static-X fan’s wet dream. This is quite possibly one of the best Static-X songs I’ve heard in 20 years. Tonnes of double bass drum/guitar punches, including Tony Campo’s guttural; “Ohh’s”, Wayne’s, “Yeah’s“, making this a real nostalgic ear-worm.

Album closer, starts with vinyl crackle, while an insanely low bass trudges to a marching beat, as Wayne’s vocals are an almost whisper, before the chorus; “Don’t ya get yours, from heaven”, and as the song ends, fading to just the sound of vinyl crackle once again. I can’t help but feel if this is a subliminal message that it is not only the end of the record, but could be the end of Static-X as we know it! If so, what a way to honour the band’s legacy and remember the awesome frontman that was Wayne Static, the king of “Evil Disco“.

In conclusion, this is a much more song-focussed album than its predecessor. It’s better produced, it’s heavier, and overall, quite possibly the best Static-X album since 2001’s ‘Machine’.

I genuinely think Wayne would be proud. His bandmates have delivered the goods and then some. If anyone wants me, I’ll be in the corner doing my own little Evil-Disco dance.


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