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Deathcore originators return to reclaim their crown with their must concise, yet brutal offering to date.

Since the untimely passing of original vocalist Mitch Lucker back in 2012, Suicide Silence have had a somewhat rocky decade or so since.

Celebrating Mitch’s life with an amazing all star concert ‘Ending is the Beginning’ being released as on CD/DVD/Bluray acting as an introduction to then new vocalist Eddie Hermida from Oakland band, All Shall Perish, and then following with his debut album ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ in 2014.

At this point things were looking good, and Eddie was well received by the SS fanbase. In 2017 they then decided to record what would be their most controversial album to date. The self-titled album was tracked live with Nu Metal producer extraordinaire, Ross  Robinson at the helm, and brought in a ton of 90’s groove, and introducing clean vocals, which as traditional Death-core goes, was a big no no. The album was panned by many a fan, and received mixed reviews in the media. I think I am one of the few who actually really liked that album, but hey. This would also be the last album to feature founding member, Alex Lopez.

Just as Covid hit the planet the band dropped a more return to form album in the guise of ‘Become The Hunter’ which would feature session drummer Ernie Iniguez. Although the album was not perfect in places, coming off the coattails of the lesser mentioned self-titled it was well received, but like the whole planet experienced, it was never really toured as it was intended.

So, fast forward to 2023, and Covid is more like a fading memory as we all reboot, and take stock, Suicide Silence present us their seventh album ‘Remember… You Must Die’, and holy moly…. I truly believe this is the album that Mitch would give two huge devil horns in a seal of approval. Iniguez is now a fully-fledged member, and switches seamlessly between staccato double kick groovings, and extreme blast-beats. The drumming on this record is next level.

This album has the perfect blend of a great Suicide Silence cocktail, Eddie’s vocals are relentless throughout, and the riffs are aplenty, from insane circle pit-inducing shredding, to swathing mid-tempo breakdowns tracks like, ‘You Must Die’, and ‘God Be Damned’ hark of classic Deathcore goodness…. or badness.

Be Deceived’ is layered with a nice mid-tempo verse, switching to blast-beats, and a dose of Djent-riffing before returning to double-kick heaven. A definite favourite track for me. Album closer ‘Full Void’ starts with sole clean guitar noodling, before insane blasts, and schizophrenic vocal barking’s ensue, adding a guitar solo for good measure, before a three minute instrumental plays out the rest of the track, bringing this SLAB of gorgeous filth to a close, with the final minute of spoken word that could almost be on a Nine Inch Nails album.

No mistake, Suicide Silence are back with vengeance and they want you to Remember… You Must Die’. Oooof. 5/5

‘Remember…You Must Die’ is out via Century Media on March 10th. Order your copy here.

Words – DJ Pennell 2023