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Here’s a fact for you, Unmaker are a name you need to remember. A hybrid of Old School Thrash & Death but also with a modern twist, the big question is, are you ready to be torn Limb from Limb? 

So, another band from this Emerald Isle has churned out an utter slab of filth in the offering that is ‘Limb From Limb’.

The band are Unmaker and has been the brainchild of founding member and vocalist Arron Gilbert. Recorded at the Blanchardstown Trackmix Studios, the now four piece bring a cocktail blend of old-skool Death Metal, a dash of Thrash, and an equal measure of modern groove, and the result is their eight song debut album, ‘Limb From Limb

The album pulls no punches with opening track ’To War!’ launching into a pommeling riff that would have many a front row in full head-bang unison. This track has a real old school feel, a familiar thrash drum guitar combo as Gilbert snarls throughout, ending the song with some serious shredding and a galloping riff, you won’t have any restbite from the mosh that compels you. ‘Drop Dead’ takes step back from the thrash adding more groove, akin to a slow Pantera number, one you can imagine fist pumps a must. The bridge brings in a lighter moment before a stomping riff leads the way for another impressive solo, concluding with more Thrash riffery.

Title track ‘Limb From Limb’ and ‘Control’ are both equal in their balance of modern groove metal but adding a decent patter of the more classic death metal elements to-boot.

Also make sure to check out the blood soaked video for ‘Limb From Limb’ and tell me frontman Arron isn’t a dead ringer for Dethklok’s Nathan Explosion. ‘Point Break’ starts with a nice clean guitar and you almost expect a clean vocal to come in but thankfully it doesn’t and remains instrumental throughout, which breaks up the album nicely. Not enough bands do instrumental pieces, so kudos for Unmaker for bringing this to the table.

Rise’ is the shortest song here, just over 3 and half minutes yet it manages to pack in everything needed to be a great song, foot tapping riff? Check. Big hooky chorus? Check. Guitar noodling solos? Check. What a banger! ‘False Disciple’ and album closer ‘Breathe’ bring things to a close, with the last song probably being one of the best on this album.

Riffs and groove that Lamb Of God or DevilDriver would be proud of, and a chorus layered with some awesome keyboards to add an extra dynamic this particular song for me is Unmaker’s shining moment. I mean the whole album is loaded with mosh pit anthems, but throw in some keyboards for that extra layer, and I am so in on this ride.

As debut albums go, rarely do you hear a band so young into their career delivering an album full of so much aggression and groove yet sounding so bloody professional, you can hear how they are loving every damn minute of it too.

Sadly they didn’t make it to the recent Bloodstock M2TM Ireland final which is testament to HOW GOOD the Irish Metal scene is as a whole, but the Unmaker boys should not be disheartened in any way, they already are racking up support slots on the live music scene and I wouldn’t be half surprised if they eventually get booked to play Bloodstock one day.

Until then, pull out the popcorn, crack open a couple of brewskies, and crank this bad boy up to eleven. Ooooof!!


Find out more about Unmaker here.

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