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As the imminent release of Words That Burn’s third studio album, ‘Cut Throat Culture’ edges closer (Friday, March 16th), Overdrive brings you the first full album review…

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With a release date scheduled for March 16th, Words That Burn’s new album ‘Cut Throat Culture’ will feature previously released singles, ‘Den of Lions, ‘You’re On Your Own’, ‘Fire at Will’, and ‘Play God’, as well as much more melodic heft!

Produced by Josh Schroeder [Lora Shore, King 810], ‘Cut Throat Culture‘ sees the rising Irish four-piece embrace a variety of styles that range from alternative, to metal-core, and electronic fusion, creating a body of work that, if anything, is totally unique to the bands core sound, as well as being a landmark release for contemporary Irish Metal.

Prior to their UK debut at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2021, the band had been busy throughout most of the pandemic writing and recording the ten-track opus. Under the guidance of producer/engineer, Josh Schroeder, Words That Burn strived to reach for a new levels of songwriting, and arrangements, all-the-while pushing their boundaries of creativity to the limit.

The results speak for themselves. ‘Cut Throat Culture‘ is jam-packed with melody, heaviness, and raw density that twists and turns, as each track blossoms into magnificent crescendos of sonic light and shade. Outside of the previously released singles, just listen to ‘To Night‘, ‘Thicker Skin‘, and ‘Michael‘ as a reference to the boundary-pushing that WTB are striving for on ‘Cut Throat Culture’ and you’ll get some insight into the direction they are moving in.

Add in powerful lyrics, and a ferocious vocal delivery that ranges from clean melodic to guttural aggression, twinned with gut-punching breakdowns, (specifically designed to launch heft missiles), and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album. 4/5

For fans of Parkway Drive, Architects, BMTHKorn, Spiritbox.

Track listing:

  1. Den of Lions
  2. Sunshine
  3. Playgod
  4. Sirens
  5. The Cavalry Ain’t Coming
  6. You’re On Your Own
  7. Fire At Will
  8. To Night
  9. Thicker Skin
  10. Michael

Pre-save ‘Cut Throat Culturehere. Pre-order the album here.

Cover artwork designed by The Iron Parasite.

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