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Tonight (29th April 2022), the All Ireland Metal Project will wrap with its final release : Aiséirí : Volume III.

This is the third offering from this national initiative to unite musicians from all across Ireland and sub-genres of metal.

This is the largest collaborative effort the Irish metal scene has ever witnessed and the first time this has ever been done.

Modelled Roadrunner United, the project is designed not only to breathe life back into a creative community who have had their livelihoods devastated, but also to give back to other communities in need. The Project to date has raised €2,500 for barnardos in 2021. They hope to have similar success working with Women’s Aid in 2022.

The project has been received very well within the Irish metal scene with its first two albums. The third album can now be ordered online now on bandcamp.

Horrenda/Aborted Earth guitarist and AIMP founder Darragh O’Connor said: “The third album follows on from the harsher and experimental feel of the second. Everyone pushed themselves to bring a new side of their work with this release and leave people with something they’ll remember for some time to come.”

The project dropped a lyric video (by Gavin Doyle’s Symmetry Industry Studios) for Volume III first single “Exploit” Which can be checked out here :

The four singles from Volume III can be found on Spotify; and while the album will end up on Spotify eventually as Aiséirí : Volume I & II are now in full on Spotify [click here], the crew have emphasised that this is for charity and as such urge you to buy the album & merch (including limited edition bundles).

Merch and physicals of album one can be bought here.

Aiséirí Wrap Party 

All Ireland Metal Project & O.D. Promotions have teamed up to present a one night only event featuring Words That Burn, War of Attrition and Restive Nation.

Each band will be playing their own sets but will be also welcoming guests to play a selection of tracks from all three volumes. There will be merch deals on the night and other fundraising efforts with thanks to Musicmaker and donations from bands, artists.

The event will serve as the end of the All Ireland Metal Project. The project’s YouTube channel will continue to drop content such as the upcoming AIMP Documentary,  music videos for tracks featured on Volume I-III and other media pieces that are still being completed. This can be found here.

The gig takes place Friday the 29th of April in Sin É and admission is €10. Doors will be at 8PM. (18+) Tickets will be available at the door and online. Click here.

Tom Woodlock stated “this is our last hurrah for the project. Buzzed to finally get to do an Aiséirí show and finish up the project strong.”

Darragh added: “This is a one time only thing and it will be a great way to wrap up the project and make as much money as possible for Women’s Aid. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project, we hope to see you at the show.”

Oran O’Beirne 2022