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Irish Metal crew, Words That Burn release their third studio album ‘Cut Throat Culture’ today, via Blood Blast Distribution / Believe Digital. 

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Cut Throat Culture is an album written & recorded during a time of crisis & despair, where you want to believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel seemed endless. Its ten tracks reflecting on & observing a world impacted by isolation, chaos, hysteria, hurt, anger & loss.

Mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder [Lora ShoreKing 810,], Cut Throat Culturesees the rising Irish four-piece embrace a variety of styles that range from alternative, to metal-core, and electronic fusion, creating a body of work that, if anything, is totally unique to the bands core sound, as well as being a landmark release for contemporary Irish Metal.

One Pandemic, and four singles later, the band can finally share their highly anticipated new studio album, Cut Throat Culture‘, released today [March 16th], via Blood Blast Distribution/Believe Digital.

Described by Metal Hammer as: “the heft of Parkway Drive, while elsewhere huge choruses evoke modern-day Bring Me the Horizon”, Words That Burn have created a ferocious collection of contemporary and genre-pushing compositions on this new album, including the previously released singles, Den of Lions, Youre on Your Own, Fire at Will’, and most recent track, Play God’ [see below].

The results speak for themselves. Cut Throat Cultureis jam-packed with melody, heaviness, and raw density that twists and turns, as each track blossoms into magnificent crescendos of sonic light and shade. Outside of the previously released singles, just listen to To Night, Thicker Skin, and Michaelas a reference to the boundary-pushing that WTB are striving for on Cut Throat Culture, and youll get some insight into the exciting creative direction they are moving in.

The comment on the new album: “In late 2019 we decided to start writing for what would be album number four. ‘Pyres’ was out five or six months, and we were starting to feel that itch to get into new some songs.

Shane had been sending the rest of us ideas that he had recorded pretty much since PYRES was released which we were all loving so the timing felt right to start the process, but we were in no rush. Then fast forward 3 months – Covid happened.

No major panic at the star, as we all thought it was going to be a few weeks, and then it was business as usual…but….well, we all know how that panned out!

Thankfully, we all have our own studios for demoing music, and are fortunate enough to live in the cloud era, so we could work on our own bits and pieces remotely, which is dead on, but not the same as getting into our main studio in Shane’s house, and work together.

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“As lockdown & the fallout persisted, we wrote songs, re-wrote songs, binned songs, un-binned songs, back and forth, back and forth over a year, and finally had 10 tracks ready for recording. By this stage we’re into mid 2021, and covid restrictions are not as, em, restrictive so Ger and Jason could get out to Shane’s studio, and record bass & drums. We rented a friends studio (Thanks Paul Finn!!) for vocals, and our very good friend Darren Clarke (sound engineer for the Coronas, Ham Sandwich and The Academicstepped in to record Roni. Darren, you have the patience of a saint!!

And 6 weeks later the songs were off to the USA for production, mixing & mastering.
We were extremely lucky to secure one of the best producers in the game for this record,
Mr Josh Schroeder  who has worked with Lorna Shore, King 810, Tallah, Butcher Babies, Of Virtue (among many others) fame, and well, the man is a genius and brought this record to a level beyond our expectations.”

Cut Throat Culture‘ is out NOW via Blood Blast Distribution via all popular streaming platforms. Physical copies are due soon, so keep your eyes peeled on their socials.

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