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We’ve all been there. Battling up the high-street with a murderous look in your eye as legions of humans struggle to fulfil their quest in scoring the ultimate Christmas gift for that ‘special’ person in their lives. 

Well, if you’re like me, then finding something original, authentic, unusual and equally awesome can be a tad difficult. So, here are a few ideas that might give you some ideas and in turn supports some truly talented people/organisations.

Heathen Wax Works


Initially started on a miserable, wet Sunday afternoon as a way to pass the time, Heathen Wax Works have developed the carving techniques to create a full 360-degree living candle with the opening designs calling on Native American, Nordic Storm, Pagan Woodland, Hammered Horror and Satanic Majesty .. with many more designs in mind.

• HAND CARVED – Unique designs based on a variety of themes that embrace the weird, the mystical, the horrific and the downright bizarre.

• HAND PAINTED – Each and every single candle is hand painted and varnished to make every set of candles unique and a certain collector’s item.

• SCENTED – Each set comes in a variety of scents including ..

Café Latte, Gardenia, Aromatic Wood, Bluebells, Cherry Rose, Cranberry, Rose, Bubble Gum, Feng Shui Wood, Patchouli and Rum.

• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Made with Soy Wax, Heathen Candles are clean burning with no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it’s less likely to trigger allergies and no petrol-carbon soot like you get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. Alongside this, the wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle.

Soy Wax releases its fragrance as the wax burns at a lower temperature than other candles. As a result, the scent is released earlier and more gradually throughout the burn time, making for a more satisfying dispersion.

• OLD SCHOOL – Unlike so many modern candles filled with additives, Heathen Candles are a soft wax candle that do run, giving that evocative old school vibe. So should you light them all we ask is that you don’t place them directly on your favourite sideboard.

Please feel free to check out the online stores at this location, but get your orders in as soon as possible to avoid the Christmas rush!

Fuil Arsa Art


Fuil Arsa Art is created by Peter Rees, a Dublin-based Artist originally from Wicklow, who specialises in photo-realistic painting, including portrait work & pagan & esoteric subjects.

The name Fuil Arsa translates as “Ancient Blood” from old Gaelic/Irish language. Having been drawing and painting for most of his life Peter has achieved notable respect and admiration from a global community with his distinctive use of mythology, Extreme Metal, nature, music and ancient symbolism.

In a recent interview, Reese commented on his approach to painting; “My paintings are an offering. A tribute to the natural world, and the inspiration our ancestors received from their surrounds in ancient times.

In my recent works particularly the focus has been the spiritual connection between nature and the wisdom of the old God’s, channelled through various representations of life, death, symbolism & rebirth, resonating as wordless tributes to these largely long forgotten fundamental concepts. So I suppose if there’s a greater purpose to my Art it’s the hope that whilst looking at it that some people may try to reconnect with their own culture’s or wisdom of the past.

With a wide range of prints, originals, patches and t-shirts, this collection of work is captivating as it is powerful.

For more information on Fuil Arsa, please visit this link.

Fuil Arsa will be available at Dublin’s Alternative Chrismas Market on Sunday, 16th December in the Voodoo Lounge. Please visit this link for further details on the market.

Mainstage Design

Specialising in a wide range of branding items for musicians of all genres, Mainstage Design has earned a respected reputation in producing custom drum skins, fire-certed stage backdrops that can be used on stage, events, conferences, seminars etc as well as custom designed EPK’s (Electronic Press Kits) which have become a must-have for any band/artist/performer who wishes to further themselves in the entertainment industry.

Having worked with a wide range of artists, festivals, promoters, PR agencies etc, Mainstage Design has become the leading providers in custom music branding in Ireland and continue to grow in the UK and further afield while being a quality and affordable organisation.

With a special Christmas Gift Voucher option, you can gift a particular item or offer a budget of any price, which the recipient can use towards any of Mainstage Design’s services. Check out the website here.

Mullduggery: Illustrations by Emmett Mulligan

Specialising in work for bands/labels in the genres of Metal, Punk & all things Alternative, Mullduggery Illustrations is the work of Emmett Mulligan.

Emmett’s work is highly skilled, loaded with intricate detail and is damn near impossible to resist. Influenced by his love for Black Metal, Southern, Punk, Blues and Rockabilly, as well as Rock/Metal/Alt poster art, Emmett truly has a God-given gift that needs to be seen to be appreciated in all its glory.

For more information, please shop at this location. Please be aware of shipping, so place your orders NOW!

Mullduggery Illustrations will be selling prints at the Alternative Christmas Market in Dublin’s Voodoo Lounge on Sunday, December 16th. Please visit here for further information.

Serpent Tusk Studio

The Studio caters for T-Shirt designs, album covers, logos and custom prints, and most recently artist, Kelvin Doran has started creating his own run of t-shirt designs.

In the short 2 years the studio has been running, Kelvin has worked with bands from all over Ireland and the UK and recently worked with his favourite band Mastodon. Some of the other bands he’s worked with are Call To Arms, Worn Out, Ten Ton Slug, Wolftooth, This Place Hell, Everest Queen and the list goes on.

Kelvin has a variety of t-shirts for sale via this link so be sure to follow him on Facebook to keep up with the latest designs. Check out the official Facebook page here.

The Celtic Fairy Collection

Specialising in hand-made Fairy Furniture, PobblePots, RagPunzals, Sculptures, Drawings and ”Steampunk” themed designs, The Celtic Fairy Collection provides an unusual and unique range of figures and custom-made fairy doors that will no doubt bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives one of these gifts.

For more information, please visit this link and be sure to check them out this Sunday, (December 16th) at the Dublin Alternative Christmas Market.

Gubu Dolls

Gubu Dolls are all individual creations which are made from recycled materials. There are different races and species in the Gubu World that range from Fish creatures, Witches, Monks, Head Hunters, and Ghosts.

Each one is contained in a jar ranging from small to large. From under €20.00, these are the ideal gift for any Alternatively-minded gift buyers. But, take a word of caution with these guys. DON’T OPEN THE JAR.

Find out more via this link and catch them at the Dublin Alternative Christmas Market on Sunday, December 16th in the Voodoo Lounge.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, you’ll get some gift ideas here all the while supporting small businesses that are providing unusual and unique items.

As mentioned a few times here, The Dublin Alternative Christmas Market will be taking place this Sunday, (December 16th) in the Voodoo Lounge which is located on number 40 Aaron Quay, Dublin city centre and will feature a huge range of stalls selling a vast amount of items from vinyl to art prints, clothes, jewellery and much more. Please visit this location for further information.

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