The Amity Affliction – Exclusive “Let The Ocean Take Me” Album Stream. Get it here!

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Overdrive is pleased to announce that we have managed to get our hands on the exclusive album stream for the bands new album “Let The Ocean Take Me”. Enjoy!



Returning with their fourth album, Let The Ocean Take Me, The Amity Affliction have never sounded more vital. Urgent, aggressive, catchy, and diverse, it pushes their signature sound to the next level, providing a riveting soundtrack to the earnest admissions of vocalist Joel Birch, giving their diehard fans the album they both demand and deserve. “We’ve always been in this for the long haul, and we always want to keep getting better,” states Birch. “We toured for five years around Australia almost non-stop before anyone even really noticed us, and then with each of our records our following seemed to double. That’s really humbling, because we never set out to be ‘successful’ in this way, and our fans are really important to us, and we’re just going to keep writing the best songs we can.”

To hear the album, simply click on the album graphic below. Enjoy.


The album is out today and you can order yours here.

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