Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods – Review.

Posted on by Oran


The new Amon Amarth album “Deceiver of the Gods probably wont win new fans but may bring back some older ones. For anybody who enjoys their style of melodic death metal chances are you will enjoy this albumĀ  especially with Andy Sneap producing this time around. For those who aren’t sure how this makes a difference, essentially you will hear everything that little bit sharper with the ability to listen to individual instruments or the entire manic attack!

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The album is full of their now trademark almost bouncy riffs combined with their earlier pure death metal ventures as on “Once sent from the Golden Hall” which leads to an initial confusion of “I like it but im not sure why”
My favourite track is Hel which features ex-Candlemass warbler Messiah whose vocals combine in an odd yet satisfying way with Johan Hegg’s narly growl.
For anybody who thought that the edge was all but gone form Amon Amarth, check this album out and you may be surprised. ****warning slight cynical overtones***. Amon Amarth are at a stage of their career where they aren’t just professional musicians they are professional at being Amon Amarth, just in the way Slayer and Motorhead are. Instantly you can hear which tracks are heading towards their live set and which are staying on the album, (they are still great tracks by the way.)
For any new fans looking for an album maybe Twighlight of the Thunder God is a better start but you cant go far wrong with this and a drinking horn of beer.

Verdict: Awesome.Play loud Play proud!! 5/5
Cynical metalhead verdict: Not as good as their demos.

Deciver of the Gods is out now and available from all good record stores and Overdrive favourite Sound Cellar.

Words: Ross McDermott