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ANATHEMA have announced plans to “go on an indefinite hiatus” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping the globe.

The band broke the news of its upcoming inactivity in a social media post on Tuesday (September 22).

They wrote: “Dear ANATHEMA family, this year is one like no others. We’ve all — every one of you included — faced unpredictable challenges, which impacted both our professional and personal situations. in this hardest of times, events over this year have left us with no option but to go on an indefinite hiatus. As individuals, it is now time to pursue other paths in life.

“We are beyond grateful for everyone’s support over the years. There is no end to the love and respect we have for our fans for giving us the best years of our lives. The generosity you all showed following the unexpected cancellation of our tour will always stay with us.

“We could never have anticipated how this year would turn out.

“Many, many thanks.


ANATHEMA has released 11 studio albums of fearless and uncompromising beauty. Ever since their debut, “Serenades“, in 1993, they’ve refused to be pigeonholed and have continuously evolved; all the way up to their most recent studio album, 2017’s conceptual masterstroke “The Optimist“, which revealed some of the darkest, most challenging music they ever put their name to, as well as a series of live albums and compilations.

Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, ANATHEMA — led by brothers Daniel (vocals, guitar, keys) and Vincent Cavanagh (guitar, keys, vocals) along with John Douglas (percussion), Lee Douglas (vocals) and Daniel Cardoso (drums) — was scheduled to head into the studio in 2020 to work on a new album.

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