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ARMORED SAINT’s July 13, 2018 performance of its classic “Symbol Of Salvation” album in its entirety at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City was professionally filmed and recorded and will be released later this year.

The live DVD was recently mastered by ARMORED SAINT bassist Joey Vera and acclaimed mastering engineer Maor Applebaum.

When ARMORED SAINT’s “Symbol Of Salvation Live Tour 2018” was first announced in February of that year, ARMORED SAINT frontman John Bush said: “‘Symbol Of Salvation!

Arguably ARMORED SAINT’s most important record. These songs came out of us being dropped from Chrysalis Records and finding out about guitarist Dave Prichard developing leukaemia.  The songs took on a much more emotional meaning than any other previous record. We wrote songs of desperation like ‘Another Day’ and ‘Last Train Home’.

Experimental tunes like ‘Tainted Past’ and ‘The Truth Always Hurts’. Classic SAINT rockers like ‘Reign of Fire’, ‘Dropping Like Flies’ and the title track.

After Dave passed, the band regrouped with Phil and Jeff returning as the guitar tandem. It was a family again. Dave Jerden produced the record and this marked the beginning of Joey becoming the producer of the band.

“It’s going to be a memorable tour. Songs like ‘Burning Question’ and ‘Spineless’, we’ve never played live before. Come share it with us. Let’s make Dave proud.

To further celebrate the legacy of this album, Metal Blade Records reissued “Symbol Of Salvation” on CD and LP in May 2018. The LP features a vinyl remastering from Patrick W. Engel as part of the “Metal Blade Originals” series. The CD includes four bonus tracks.

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