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With a blistering “heat 1” opening show last week (January 16th), the Irish leg of the 2016 Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses, proved to be one of the most intense and painfully difficult events that Overdrive have had to judge, since being part of the M2TM annual campaign back in 2014. The quality of bands that took to the stage in Fibber Magees, exceed everybody’s expectations and displayed a night of unbridled quality and captivating performances. Whoever has any fears that the Irish metal scene in not in good shape, I challenge you to prove otherwise! As we drift towards ‘heat 2’ this Saturday night (January 23rd), we take a look at the bands that will be performing in the hope of graduating to the coveted semi-final’s in March / April.


With the Christmas festivities well and truly behind us, the commonly refereed “bleak” January blues have managed to pass us by, with little to no fanfare. The reason? Well, we are putting it down to our general excitement for the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses campaign, which kicked off last week, with a staggering line up featuring Meniscus, Megacone, The Magnapinna, crowd vote winners, Two Tales of Woe and judges vote winners Nautilus.

During the five bands performances, it might as well have been Summer outside on the cold wet streets of Dublin’s city center. An atmosphere of excitement, nerves and overall comrade for all the bands taking part, generated a level of distraction to the woe’s of the normally predictable depression that comes with January. The impending arrival of Bloodstock flinging open the gates seemed within our mortal grasps for those precious few hours and the good news is that we get to do it all over again this weekend! So, step inside and get to know the bands that will be bring their “A Game” this Saturday night (January 23rd) to Fibbers.

Following in the footsteps of WARPATH (2013), PSYKOSIS (2014), ANIMATOR (2015), DEAD LABEL (2015) and SNOWBLIND (2015), the 2016 winning band will be representing Ireland at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival on August 11th through 14th in Derbyshire, U.K and will e featured on the same bill as SLAYER, MASTODON, GOJIRA, BEHEMOTH, TWISTED SISTER, VENOM, ANTHRAX, FEAR FACTORY and many more! (See festival information at the bottom of this post). Check out Animator killin’ it at last years festival on the video below.

Dead Label2 sophie stage



With members coming from French, Polish, Italian and Irish backgrounds, BISECT have truly a unique sound that captures many different influences within the spectrum of the “hardcore / grindcore”genre. Based in Cork, BISECT are Kieran – drums Maciej – bass Fabrizio – guitars/back vocals Christophe – vocals Phil – vocals, who can generate one bloody mess of a pit judging by the sounds of their fucking bone crushing “We Are The Migrants” album.

Their ability to fuse some of the heaviest genre’s together and produce something that is truly brutal and heavy-as-fuck, lyrically thought provoking and deliciously addictive, will set the bar very high indeed for all bands taking part this year. For more information on Bisect, just hit this link.

We urge you to fill your ears with the bands album “We Are The Migrants” by clicking on the graphic below.




Siting influences such as Behemoth, Suicide Silence, At The Gates and Hackivist amongst others, Dublin based JENOVA, bring a fresh and solid twist to their self proclaimed extreme metal genre. Comprising of five members; Brian J Harrington – Vocals, David Mooney – Bass, Cormac Jordan – Guitar, Dylan Kennedy – Guita and Marco Persechini – Drums, JENOVA are dead set on crushing your bones and making their presence known when playing live. Just check out this video the guys put together as a little taster for what’s to come on Saturday night.

The guys have been putting the final touches to their set-list for Saturday night and had some words to say about the upcoming show. “We’ve been rehearsing our bollocks off to get our set nice and tight for this and get our bodies ready for the vicious performance we pride ourselves on.” If that doesn’t make you want to get right up the front and loose your fucking shit, then shame on you! Keep an eye on these guys, as they have Bloodstock in their sights and are not gonna let anyone stand in their way!


Check out “No Clean Hands” on this link. For more information on JENOVA, just click this link.

Photo credit – Jack Quach © 2016



Formed in 2014, PEDOPHILE PRIESTS had been relentlessly toiling on their new album “Dark Transgression of the Soul” which was just released on December 7th of last year, before bringing their brutal death metal sounds to the live stage. With a line up that consists of Piotr “Niemiec”        Niemczewski, guitars / vocals, Krystian “Kruszon” Mistarz, drums and bassist Krystian Mazur, PEDOPHILE PRIESTS hail from Poland and Norway, but are now living in Ireland and are a tremendously powerful and brutally heavy three piece, that have potential of leveling not only the venue that they happen to be performing in, but the surrounding neighborhoods also! If you don’t believe us then just take a listen to tracks “Czarne Xięstwo Crush, Kill, Destroy” and “Kingdom Hospital” on the graphic link below and you will get just a sample of the sheer, fucking power of PEDOPHILE PRIESTS!

PEDOPHILE PRIESTS ALBUM COVERFor more information on PEDOPHILE PRIESTS, just hit this link.



Having taken part in last years M2TM, SOOTHSAYER are back and bringing with them, their irresistibly, hypnotic and much talked about prescription of atmospheric, doom-tinged compositions. The Cork based five piece, is made up of Líam Hughes (Vocals/Noise), Con Doyle (Guitar/Vocals), Marc O’Grady (Guitar), Steve Quinn (Bass/Vocals) and Will Fahey (Drums). This will indeed be a very special treat, as SOOTHSAYER can be somewhat elusive when it comes to playing shows in Dublin, so make sure you are front and center when they unleash their captivating aural assault in Fibber’s this coming Saturday (January 23rd). Also, if you can, or if there are any left, make sure to pick up one of their awesome t-shirts from the merch stand.

Get a head load of the mighty SOOTHSAYER, from their debut E.P “The Soothsayer” which is out now via bandcamp. Click on the graphic below and turn it up!

SOOTHSAYER BANNERFor more information on SOOTHSAYER, just click this link.

Photo credit – Own Courtney Photography ©2016



Representing Co. Laois, VENDETTA LOVE have been causing quite a stir, with their kick-ass take on no-bullshit rock n’ roll. Influenced by the likes of Guns n’ Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Sabbath and The Doors, VENDETTA LOVE are on a mission to bring the party back to the Irish metal scene, one beer soaked song at a time! Band members Shawn (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Eamonn (Bass) and Darren – Drums are beyond focused and ready to fucking smoke the Metal 2 The Masses punters on Saturday night as they exclaimed that “It’s going to be a loud night, a very loud night. Get down early to avoid disappointment!” You heard the man, get down early and let your hair down for one hell of a night of good times and loud-as-fuck rock!


For more information on VENDETTA LOVE, just hit up this link.

So, there you have it. Welcome to the bands of the 2016 Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Heat 2 show. As always, the nights performances will be judged by our panel consisting of members from Overdrive, Jetrocker, EHT Promotions and a guest judge, who this week will be a representative from Dublin School of Music.

Not only will each band get the thirty minute set, but many media representatives will be present to review the night’s performances and our long standing partner Steve Dempsey will be present to photograph the night on behalf of Down The Barrel Photography.

Doors will be from 7.30pm in Fibber Magees on Parnell Street, Dublin 1, with each paying punter receiving their exclusive voting slip. There is only one vote allowed for the band of your choice, so make sure you watch all the bands, or if your in a band, ensure that your fans have received their voting slips and hand them in to the judges, either during the course of the night or after the final band have finished performing.


For more information on Heat 2 of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland show, just click on the graphic below.

M2TM HEAT 2 - JAN 23RDMetal 2 The Masses Ireland will be sending one band over to play the New Blood stage at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival in Catton Hally, Derbyshire. The winning band that will be playing at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival, will be chosen by official Bloodstock Booker / Promoter Simon Hall and will also be in for consideration to play at next years Metal Day’s in Slovenia, to follow in the footsteps of 2014 winners Psykosis and  2015 finalists Dead Label.


The festival takes place from August 11th through 14th and will play host to some of the most crushing bands in the metal kingdom, including Slayer, Anthrax, Mastodon, Twisted Sister (last ever UK performance), Fear Factory, Behemoth, Venom, Gojira, Paradise Lost, Dragon Force and many more! Check out this video montage from last years gathering! Tickets are now on sale for BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2016 and you can get yours by clicking this link now!

For more information / press / media accreditation for BLOODSTOCK METAL 2 THE MASSES IRELAND, please email

Dead Label / M2TM 2015 winners photo – Down The Barrel Photography © 2016