Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses reaches quarter finals!

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Over the last ten weeks, Overdrive has seen some of the most talented Irish Metal bands battle it out to gain a coveted spot in the quarter finals. The winning band will be flying over to Bloodstock Open Air to play with the likes of Megadeth, Emperor and Down!












The Metal 2 The Masses battle is heating up with a blistering selection of bands that will be going head to head during the quarter finals which begins Saturday 22nd with a serious line up that will shake the very foundations of Fibbers on Parnell St.

The last ten weeks have seen a huge amount of very talented Irish Metal bands, all battling it out to win the coveted prize of playing at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival in Catton Park, Walton on Trent on August 7th through 10th.

As each week has rolled by we have had the very difficult job of bringing through only a specific number of bands that are now entering into the quarter final stages.

The breakdown for the first batch of quarter final’s can be seen below and following the performance from each band, the judging will be split into two options, (1) The Crowd Vote  and (2) The Judges Vote. So if your a fan of any of the bands taking part in the shows, please show your support and get down to Fibber’s and vote!!

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The breakdown of bands and Quarter final dates can be seen below.

Saturday 22nd –  March Metal to the Masses Battle for Bloodstock

Event Details Here

1. Aesect







2. Slaughterize













3. Legion of Wolves

Legion of Wolves










4. Recovery













5. CraftyFuzz

Crafty Fuzz










Friday 28th March  – Metal 2 The Masses Battle For Bloodstock

Event Details Here

1. Crossfire











2. Snowblind












3. Between horizons

Between Horizons









4. Marabou












5. Devolted













Saturday March 29th – Metal 2 The Masses Battle for Bloodstock

1. Theories Divide

Theories Devide











2. Negativ Result

Negative Result











3. Atomniated












4. Aeolian










5. Donum Dei