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Overdrive return once again to familiar territory at Catton Park, Derbyshire, for this years Bloodstock Open Air 2022.

The current heatwave blasting the UK is no joke – multiple weather warnings have been put in place to prepare the population for the weekend ahead, with temperatures reaching a soaring 35’C.

The congregation of minds behind Bloodstock have set up multiple water dispensers throughout the campsites and arena with giant flashing ‘please stay hydrated‘ signs at the main entrance, and extra covered areas for desperately needed shade.

However, the excruciating heat has defied the odds and put all festival goers in noticeably high spirits. The day has barely even begun, but it is easy to tell from the contagious anticipation in the air that this will be one weekend that will be looked back on.

To ease people into this weekends huge line-up, the Sophie Stage is the prime place to be. Kicking off this years festival is London’s death metal/grind maniacs Basement Torture Killings, brandished in fake blood and with plenty of dismembered dolls hung up around the stage to illustrate their serial-killer and murder themed songs.

With a harmony of brutal vocals between adorably disturbing vocalist Beryl, and guitarist Tarquin, the band give festival goers a wake-up call and set the adrenaline running for the evening ahead.

Following this, Thuum have delivered a crushing blow to the crowd with their blend of groove and stoner metal – including a middle-ager being crowd surfed to the front of the stage.

The mood this evening is pleasant, albeit with a large dichotomy – the band have a crowd both moshing to their music, but also a perimeter of casual punters who opt for sitting back and relaxing to take in the show.

A slightly different change of theme, Mother Vulture entertain the crowd with their self-proclaimed energetic ‘hectic blues punk‘ – proving so with a duo of screaming and classic rock vocals as well as some chaotic stage moves, before the pun-terful Nanowar of Steel entertain the crowd to a showcase of their comedy heavy metal.

The crown for highlight of the night easily goes to Nekrogoblikon if the full capacity tent (and outskirts) is anything to go by, with mascot John Goblikon insanely taunting the crowd in front of the bands melodic and chaotic blend of death metal with some extra disco beats for good measure.

The crowd is virtually impossible to navigate through, between people dancing and others staring at the stage antics in bewilderment.

Tuning down the tone and wrapping up the night is Gothenburg’s meolidic and gothic death metal band Dark Tranquility, brandishing atmospheric solos and a large enthusiastic crowd. Friday’s line-up welcomes many more performances over four stages with even more festival go-ers. Let’s see how the weekend pans out with the rising temperatures – don’t forget the suncream!

Norrie Kivlehan 2022. 

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