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Clang Metal Festival have today confirmed a rescheduled date for their debut event which will be taking place on Saturday, August 28th, 2021 in Dublin’s National Stadium. More details below…

With the fallout from Covid-19 hitting the live music industry hard, punters have seen countless tours and festivals being cancelled left and right with some not being rescheduled.

Thankfully, CLANG METAL FESTIVAL organisers have secured a new date for the debut event which will feature exclusive performances from CANDLEMASS, CORONER and UK riff-masters, GREEN LUNG, to name but a few.

Taking place on Saturday, August 28th in Dublins’ National Stadium, the all-day event will see Doom titans, CANDLEMASS make their long-awaited return to Irish shores where they will be performing classics from their 1986 iconic ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ as well as material from their latest full-length studio album ‘The Door to Doom‘ and most recently, ‘Pendulum‘ EP.


Having welcomed back original frontman Johan Längqvist, on their new album/EP, the band are gearing up for their long-awaited return to Ireland and their performance at CLANG will be the first for Johan who commented on the show:

I am so excited to perform in Ireland. This will be my very first time not only visiting there but also performing. This is going to be a very special gig and we all can’t wait for it. I don’t think we’ve ever played with Coroner either, so it’s going to be a very special show.”

CLANG will also be featuring the exclusive Irish debut performance from Swiss metal giants, CORONER, who will be taking to the stage on August 28th.

Often labelled a thrash band, CORONER’s music went far beyond what is usually thought of as ‘thrash metal‘. Their crushing discography is littered with genre-defining brutal thrash metal classics not to mention their first four albums are considered to be the greatest thing that ever happened on the thrash metal field outside Metallica’ and Slayer’s first four.

Having formed in 1983 in their hometown of Zürich, the band released five albums and a semi-compilation over a period of eight years – from the unpolished and technical speed of 1987’s ‘R.I.P.’, the complexity of 1988’s ‘Punishment for Decadence‘, the technical quality of 1989’s ‘No More Color’ and its derivative ‘Mental Vortex‘ from 1991 to the heavier and more laidback style of ‘Grin‘– the band progressed consistently, without ever losing their identity.

Having disbanded in 1996 and their reformation in 2011, CORONER are reportedly working on a new studio album, which is due for release next year. This will be the bands very first time performing in Ireland and will take to the stage in Dublin’s National Stadium as part of Clang Metal Festival on Saturday, August 28th.

Also making their Irish debut is none other than rising purveyors of doom, GREEN LUNG, who have just finished recording the follow-up to their hugely successful ‘Woodland Rites‘ LP.

The UK five-piece have been gaining a tremendous amount of recognition from around the globe, thanks to their ability to craft monumental riff-filled anthems that pack a serious punch in the lower intestine.

Commenting on their inclusion for CLANG FESTIVAL and performing in Ireland for the very first time, vocalist Tom Templar…

We’ve been wanting to make it over to Ireland for years now and to be able to make our debut alongside legends like Candlemass and Coroner is a dream come true. We look forward to letting the Devil into Dublin in 2021.’

Joining the line up for another Irish debut performance are Italian Death Metal crew, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY who draw their influences from the likes of Whitechapel, Job For A Cowboy etc…

Formed in 2007, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY rapidly gained unanimous critical acclaim due to their ferocious 2008 debut album “Damned to Blindness” via Napalm Records.

Alternative Italian/Amerian Metal crew, KLOGR will be gracing the CLANG bill, bringing their hybrid of progressive/alternative rock to the National Stadium on August 28th.

Having toured with Butcher Babies and The Rasmus, this will also be KLOGR’s debut Irish performance.

Irish metal representatives AeSect, Conjuring Fate, Words That Burn, Sinocence, Two Tale of Woe, Scimitar, The Risen Dread, Grave Sermon and Strangers With Guns will also be performing on the day to warm up the crowd.

Speaking of the festival, promoter/booker [event project manager for numerous large Expos in Croke Park], Robert Curren said; “The entire goal behind ‘CLANG’ is to provide a vehicle to promote up-and-coming Irish bands

The big vision is for Clang to be an annual event that focuses primarily on well-known and up-and-coming Irish bands. That is what Clang will always be about. We would love Ireland to have a large open-air festival like Wacken or Bloodstock someday down the line, but we are years away from that happening. But this is the start.

This is the Irish metal fans big opportunity, we have a great team, a good organisation and a love of metal if we [the promoters] and fans can work together and have a successful show; then we can make this an Irish festival to be proud of.

So, now is the time to get out there and spread the word, and show support for something that can be a truly great annual event!”

Tickets fro Clang Metal Festival featuring CANDLEMASS, CORONER, GREEN LUNG, KLOGR, THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY, WORDS THAT BURN, AESECT, TOW TALES OF WOE, SCIMITAR, GRAVE SERMON, STRANGERS WITH GUNS, THE RISEN DREAD, SINOCENCE are on sale NOW via Eventbrite from €64.90 [including booking fee]. Click here to secure your tickets.

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