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CAVALERA has become synonymous with extreme metal music, a name that to this day still holds the highest regard, a family legacy built upon decades of musical aggression.

In 2023, Max and Iggor Cavalera achieved what some would say was an impossible feat; they revisited their earliest releases Morbid Visions, and Bestial Devastation, and re-recorded them with bone-breaking intensity.

A risk that few would dare to even attempt, yet they artfully and prolifically attained their trademark raw sound by means that could only be described as magic or time travel.

It seems that the ball would not stop rolling as now they are entering the final chapter of their early-days trilogy. Schizophrenia is an iconic album in terms of early thrash and death metal, a household name for those of us invested in extreme metal.

This was the point where the Cavalera’s refined their dark, dingy, speed-influenced songs, into something a bit more mature, developed, and technical. Decades later, they have once more unlocked the asylum that is Schizophrenia, opening the doors to that banished, twisted recording which will be unleashed unto to world on June 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

The first taste of the re-issue comes in the form of the live music video for the single. ‘Escape To The Void‘ (listen below). Fans will enjoy footage filmed by Costin Chioreanu and Olivia Chioreanu from the band’s chilling performance at 013 Venue in Tilburg, Netherlands, 2023.

Max Cavalera states, “The Third World Trilogy is finally complete with Schizophrenia, ‘Bestial Devastation’, and ‘Morbid Visions’, all three Brazilian underground gems! To me, Schizophrenia is the ultimate death/ thrash experiment! I was inspired to take on the world and this recording shows my commitment is relentless! This one is for all the generations to enjoy! Play at Max volume!

Iggor Cavalera comments, “1987 was a very progressive year for metal, with releases like CELTIC FROST ‘Into The Pandemonium’, VOIVOD ‘Killing Technology’, and BATHORY ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’, so it was no surprise on how we approached Schizophrenia  pushing our boundaries from a black/death metal sound to a more thrash metal aesthetics. We still had some ideas from ‘Morbid Visions’ and some new songs. I’m very proud of the songwriting and even more proud of our re-recordings.”

No stranger to collaborations, the Cavalera brothers enlisted Travis Stone (PIG DESTROYER) on lead guitars, and that choice becomes obvious within the first song. The full line-up would consist of more Cavalera alumni, as Igor Amadeus Cavalera (GO AHEAD AND DIE, HEALING MAGIC) once more brought his talents on bass to the fold. Thundering and thrumming the low end with brute force, it is clear that the double Iggor and Igor combination is a rhythm section to be reckoned with.

It should come as no surprise that the CAVALERA brothers always felt that these songs deserved a fresh take with modern production. From April 15th to June 5th, 2023 the band re-recorded the album at Focusrite Room in Mesa Arizona. Mixing and mastering was handled by Arthur Rizk (SOULFLY, GO AHEAD AND DIE, TURNSTILE).

Schizophrenia’s album cover has obsessed and fascinated fans for decades. The brothers left no stone unturned and no detail unnoticed, also re-envisioning the original cover artwork of the album, restored in hand-painted watercolors by Eliran Kantor.

This summer, CAVALERA will be traveling across Europe and the UK on their ‘Third World Trilogy‘ tour. The trek will kick off on June 12th in Leicester and will make stops in Wroclaw, Oslo, Ireland, and Barcelona before ending in Switzerland on July 21st.

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