CLANG METAL FESTIVAL – “The entire goal behind ‘CLANG’ is to provide a vehicle to promote up-and-coming Irish bands”. Robert Curran

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It’s no secret that Clang Metal Festival has sparked a lot of interest and discussion within the Irish metal scene; since it made it’s appearance online last year. Overdrive sat down with the man behind the whole event – Robert Curran – to find out more about the origin of the festival, and their plans going forward.

Clang Metal Festival – One day, two stages, market stalls and a line-up that not only has top-quality international bands (some who have never played here before), but also a very specific focus on ‘Irish Metal’.

When you look at the line up that is in place for Clang Metal Festival, there are a lot of ‘firsts‘ to take in. First and foremost, there’s the potential of an annual metal event in the heart of Dublin that not only books internationally renowned artists, but has a very definite focus on ‘home-grown’ talent. What’s not to like about that?

Strip it all down and look at the basics on offer. A very healthy amount of Irish metal bands complementing a bill that boasts the likes of Candlemass, Coroner, Xentrix, Acid Reign, Klogr and The Modern Age Slavery.

Ireland gets a potential annual Metal event that looks after the local scene, as well as bringing in some damn-fine international bands, all under the roof of the iconic National Stadium, where Thin Lizzy (1975), Led Zeppelin (1971) once performed, as well the likes of Incubus (2007), and recently-scheduled, Testament, Exodus and Death Angel (March 2020).

We speak to Robert Curran, one of the guys behind Clang to find out a little more…

OD – How did “Clang Metal Festival” come about?

ROB – Well, for 10 years I’ve run large-scale events and Expos in Croke Park and other locations, and I’m a life-long metal fan.

Last year, I just felt the time was right to apply that experience to my love of metal. I have a team with great experience in all areas from rigging to production, event management, hospitality etc, who have worked previous events with me, all of whom are metalheads, and all of whom are committed to putting on this event; in order to support Irish metal bands, first and foremost.

OD – There seems to be some confusion with regards to your involvement with 2018’s controversial Rally of Lúgh LongArm event. Did you have anything to do with that event?

ROB – Not in any capacity what-so-ever. This is a totally and completely unrelated venture that has absolutely nothing to do with whoever was behind that event. In fact, that event only enlightened me to the knowledge that Coroner has never played in Ireland before, and it got me thinking that it would be great to really get them over here, alongside Candlemass and the other bands on the bill.

OD – The line-up features a mix of both Irish and international artists. Was there an intention to focus on the Irish metal scene?

ROB – 100%! The Irish metal scene is really flying now and I feel that this new wave of talent is amazing, and really needs a bigger platform to show off their talents.

I’ve always felt that Irish bands should be playing at the big festivals like Wacken and although some do, most just don’t get the exposure they need to attract a larger audience.

“The entire goal behind Clang is to provide a vehicle to promote up-and-coming Irish bands, and I really hope the Irish audience comes out and supports them.’

OD – I understand that there will be two stages at the venue, will there be any overlapping that you can see happening, or is it too early to speculate?

ROB – That’s correct, there will be the 2nd stage in a different area of the stadium cut off from the main arena. This allows us to have multiple bands playing at the same time.

Having said that, the way we’ve scheduled it is that there will only be about 2 hours of overlap during the late afternoon, so fans can move between the stages and choose who they want to see. The first band hit the stage around 11 am, so come early!

OD – With regards to market stalls, if anyone is thinking of taking a stall at the festival, how do they go about it, and how much will it cost?

ROB – We really want to support the entire metal scene, not just the bands. We will have a limited number of market stalls available for the nominal amount of €50. All you have to do to book a stall is email us at


It’s first-come, first-serve. We don’t charge commissions or any hidden fees, just set up your stall and start selling. The more variety the better.

OD – I understand that bands will earn money when their specific code is used upon purchasing tickets. Can you tell us about that?

ROB – Again, we really hope the fans come out and support the Irish bands. To that end, we have created discount codes in the name of each Irish band, which you can find on the Clang Eventbrite page.

Not only will the Irish bands all be paid for their appearance at Clang, but they will earn money for every one of their discount codes that are used to save €10 off the fans ticket.

So, please support your favourite Irish band, use their code to save a tenner and get a ticket today!

And as a bonus, fans also get to see Xentrix, Acid Reign, Coroner’s first gig in Ireland, and the recent Grammy-nominated legends: Candlemass!!

OD – What is the overall vision for Clang Metal Festival going forward and would you like to see it become an annual event?

ROB – The big vision is for Clang to be an annual event that focuses primarily on well-known and up-and-coming Irish bands.

That is what Clang will always be about.  We would love Ireland to have a large open-air festival like Wakken or Bloodstock someday down the line, but we are years away from that happening. But this is the start.

This is the Irish metal fans big opportunity, we have a great team, a good organisation and a love of metal if we [the promoters] and fans can work together and have a successful show; then we can make this an Irish festival to be proud of.

So, now is the time to get out there and spread the word, and show support for something that can be a truly great annual event!

OD – You mentioned something about competitions to win some signed guitars, can you tell us about that?

Tommy Vetterli – Coroner

ROB – This is really exciting, Tommy (Vetterli) from Coroner has recommended a guitar for us to give away, and the band are going to sign it and give it away at the festival to one lucky fan. This will be done in the form of a raffle, and raffle tickets will only be €1.00.

“Proceeds from the raffle will be split evenly between the Irish metal bands performing at Clang to help support them.”

Xentrix has also agreed to a backstage meet-and-greet for a select number of fans, who will be chosen randomly from a lottery they enter; once they arrive at the venue.

We have more surprises coming, but I’ll keep that under my hat for now. More details will be revealed at our Clang night pre-party in Fibbers on Sat. March 21st.

Let’s just say all the bands are excited about the show, and more will be participating in fan-base events!

See you on May 2nd at the Stadium in Dublin and don’t forget to use a band code listed below when getting your tickets!










Clang Metal Festival takes place in Dublin’s National Stadium on Saturday, September 26th. Tickets are on sale NOW via this link. Use the codes provided and get an immediate €10 discount off the ticket price. With the discount, tickets will start at €49.99 (ex booking fee.


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