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If you’ve not heard Cobra The Impaler’s crushing new album ‘Colossal Gods’ [Listenable] yet, then you’re missing out…big time! 

Photo – Nick Suchak © 2022

Without a doubt one of the most powerful debut releases of 2022, ‘Colossal Gods’ packs a punch that is as equally melodic as it is impressively heavy.

This week saw the band release ‘Mountains‘, a blistering melting pot of progressive heavyess and crunching riffage. Check out the video below:

COBRA THE IMPALER forges together larger-than-life grooves and spirited guitar leads with enchanting clean vocal harmonies and razor-sharp screams. Effortlessly flowing from breakneck riffs to tasteful melodic breaks, the band makes strong use of stylistic elements from groove, thrash, and classic heavy metal.

Their new album ‘Colossal Gods‘ is out now via Listenable. Pick up your copy here.

Oran O’Beirne 2022