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Shifty Shellshock, the lead singer of Crazy Town, has died aged 49.

Shellshock, whose given name was Seth Binzer, died on June 24, according to the Los Angeles medical examiner.

The singer was found at his home, but no cause of death has been released at this stage. Binzer battled addiction for years, passed away at his residence in Los Angeles.

No cause of death is known currently.

Back in 2012, Seth– who battled with substance abuse over the years – was admitted to hospital after losing consciousness and had been in a coma before being released. The musician recently opened about getting sober and his battle with himself.

Shellshock met his Crazy Town co-founder, Bret Mazur, in 1992. They first began making music under the name the Brimstone Sluggers, but by 1999, their moniker was changed to Crazy Town and the band had added members Rust Epique, James Bradley Jr., Doug Miller, Adam Goldstein and Antonio Lorenzo “Trouble” Valli. Crazy Town’s debut album, “The Gift of Game,” released in November 1999 and the band supported the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour shortly after.

Crazy Town whose biggest hit was “Butterfly,” hit number one on music charts across the world, including the Billboard Hot 100. 2024