Custom Identity

Strong branding can help with the following:

  • Delivering the message and genre of your music clearly

  • Confirms your credibility as a band/musician

  • Connects your target prospects emotionally

  • Motivates the buyer

  • Concretes fan loyalty

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All of the above are very valid facts regarding the power of your design when it comes to posters, merchandise and album covers. Overdrive takes great pride in creating striking images that work perfectly with your music regardless of what genre you play.


The Importance of a branded image

In business, a branded image is your logo, tagline, colors, fonts/typesets and other attributes that visually represent one’s company. In music, the same is true: Every band should develop at least a band logo to instantly gain recognition and set a mood for your audience. The more your audience sees your branded image, the more likely you are to gain credibility and earn fans… paying fans.


A branded image establishes you as a legitimate musician and makes it easier for your fans – or “customers” – to identify with you, and it presents up-sell opportunities such as apparel, hats and other merchandise. Without a branded image, all you have is a name. With a branded image, you have a unique style that sets you apart from all other musicians.


How to identify your branded image

Overdrive strives to identify your branded image, we think about what genre of music you represent and where you want to go visually as well as musically. We consider your existing and potential fans, their likes and dislikes, their passions, and what they respond to. We can identify how you are different from your competition and use this to your advantage.