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Following their crushing return to Irish stages this past month at the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland Grand Final, Dead Label have followed their previous single, ‘Salves’ with ‘Authority of Self’. Listen below…

‘Authority of Self’ is part of the bands succession of new singles leading up to the release of their new EP in the coming months.

The bands Summer performance at the UK’s Bloodstock Festival will see them share the main Ronnie James Dio stage with Megadeth, Decapitated, Sepultura, and many more, this coming August.

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Listen to ‘Authority of Self‘ below:


The new single, which clocks in just under four minutes, punches with chunky riffs and the introduction of more melodic-based structures, which transition perfectly from the bands more recent recordings.

Speaking of the new single, bassist/vocalist, Dan O’Grady (pictured below) says: “The song was originally written  around the time of the Referendum on the abortion laws in Ireland, and it was all anyone was talking about, so I think it was inevitable that all that discussion was going to seep into the lyrical inspiration, but I also felt very strongly about  the fact that up until this referendum, woman in our country did not have legal autonomy over their own bodies, it was maddening.

Down The Barrel Photography © 2023

I just kept thinking at the time, what would happen if I had a daughter who found herself in a difficult position, and she could do nothing about it because the Catholic church has influenced a law in this country preventing her from making a decision over what has going on inside her own body. As It happens, I know have a daughter, and I’m glad that this country saw sense at the time and abolished that law.”

Dead Label released ‘Slaves‘ on May 1st. If you missed it, check out the track below:

Dead Label will perform at this years Bloodstock Open Air Festival on Sunday, August 13th. Tickets for Bloodstock are on sale NOW via this link.

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