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American death metal legends MASSACRE, masterminded by growl forefather Kam Lee and established all the way back in 1984, have finished recording what will become the band’s highly anticipated fifth studio album, and first for Agonia Records, set for release in second half of 2024. 

The freshly recorded tracks will travel to Sweden for mixing and mastering at Studio Unbound with former MASSACRE member Jonny Pettersson behind the console.

Frontman/vocalist Kam Lee had this to say on the sound the band has managed to achieve: “Vocal sessions for the new Massacre album are finally completed!! This new album is going to be something else! We really encapsulate the essence of the original sound and aesthetics of the early Death Metal music genre – keeping to the old school vibe and originality of that era between 1984 and 1994. I was really adamant about keeping to that decade specifically and the genre of music that was predominantly popular during that time.”

Kam continues: “I’m very proud of the writing team and the recording team. It’s been awesome to hear what everyone has accomplished in achieving this goal of making the next step of Massacre sound like a perfect evolution. I feel we achieved this by not having another cookie cutter sounding redundant album, but rather something unique with the process of evolving by devolving. Going back to the roots of the genre and creating music that feels like it was plucked directly out of that era.”

The recording personnel for the new album – much of whom have been with MASSACRE since the “Resurgence” era – comprises, aside from Kam Lee, original MASSACRE bassist Mike Borders, returning guitarists Rogga Johansson (PaganizerRib SpreaderMegascavanger) & Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Heads for The Dead), and new drummer, Jon Rudin (Just Before Dawn, Heads for The Dead, Dehumanaut).

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