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Finally, the wait has come to an end. Today, Polish Tech/Death Metal virtuosos, Decapitated have released their early demos in a carefully handpicked collection titled ‘The First Damned’. Watch below…

Death Metal veterans, Decapitated have delved deep into their archives to bring us some rare footage of them in full beast mode back when they were just teenagers…

Guitarist, Vogg states:
Here we go! The First Damned – our first steps that we took as teenagers. I’m proud of this release in all of its formats and amazing layouts, together with the best metal label these days, Nuclear Blast Records. Check it out: no re-mastering, no-remixes, no bullshit. Raw and deadly as it was back then. Enjoy.

Evoking the spirits of wild times, the band have released a video for the song, ‘Cemeteral Gardens‘ featuring some old video content from the early days of DECAPITATED. Enjoy!

Also check out ‘Destiny‘ (Demo, 1997) that the band released as the first appetizer to Decapitated’s early works, launching this emotional journey from the past. The single is available on all digital streaming platforms and for download.

The First Damned is physically available as digipak, black LP, white/black splatter LP [band exclusive], cassette [band exclusive], and white/black marbled LP [mailorder + wholesale exclusive].

Officially released via Nuclear Blast for the first time, Decapitated’s early demos have not been remixed, remastered, or messed with in any way. Instead, this is a blistering snapshot of four young men with fire in their bellies and a bright future ahead of them.

Formed in 1996, Polish tech-death masters have built a reputation over the years as one of the international leaders of their genre. Over their near 20-year career, Decapitated have released seven studio albums, which are considered to be some of the most influential death metal releases of the 21st century.

Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka I Guitars
Rafal “Rasta” Piotrowski I Vocals
James Stewart I Drums

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