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We have said it again and again. Hard work pays off. Fact! Fast rising metal beasts, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, who only released their video for ‘End Game’ last week, racking up an impressive 1,600 views in just 24 hours, are taking their brand face-melting live experience to Russia! Yeah, we said Russia! 


With last years crushing Malice EP establishing the Dublin-based five-piece as a force to The Devil Wants her Swagger Back Malicebe reckoned with, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back are planning one of their most hectic years since the band’s formation back in 2013.


Overdrive can now reveal that the guys will be packing up their transit and blasting over to Russia for a selection of dates that will no doubt leave a trail of destruction, broken bones and bloody ears, in their wake.

This will mark the band’s first appearance in Russian, however, will not be the first time they have played outside of Ireland.

Having already performed in the UK and The Aggressive Music Fest, in the Czech Republic last year following the release of ‘Malice‘ the guys are no strangers to hitting the road. With nine dates secured in Russia, The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back will be one of a handful of Irish metal bands to venture Soviet Union.

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There is no question that it’s gonna be a long-ass drive over to Putin’s kingdom, so we wanted to know what the guys do to pass the time on long journeys. They put together an essential playlist of their top ten tracks, which you can access via the link below;

“What we do to pass the time while on tour varies, sometimes we’ll sing along to entire Tenacious D albums so loud we can’t hear the album anymore, other times we’ll sleep and play pranks on each other while we’re asleep, like pretending the car’s crashing. We play the Gary Oldman game for hours on end as well, but Mick wins nine times out of ten so it’s not really fun anymore. In general, eat, sleep, read, sing, talk pure scour to each other, see the sights, the usual road trip stuff.” commented bassist Dylan Skully.


The video for ‘End Game‘ was released exclusively last week on Overdrive. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out via the link below. For more information on that feature, click here.

For more information on The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, please visit this link.


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