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Devin Townsend has shared some interesting news on his official  Twitter account regarding a current burst of creativity and what he has planned for 2021 and beyond.

As you’ll soon read below, those plans are ambitious and touch upon numerous projects, including albums, a film and a graphic novel:

Update on what’s going on creatively: over the last 6 months, I’ve been working on two ‘scores’ that have become a film, 2 albums, and a graphic novel among other things called ‘The Puzzle’

It’s become a massive project with a lot of great people involved. It’s not ‘song-oriented’ and is complicated and abstract. The film has become a tremendous undertaking and we will be streaming it online when it debuts, (along with a physical product that is pretty next level)

The concept is meant to describe the last year of chaos and the psychological process it required of us all. The music and visuals act as an analogy for it. The number of people involved (30-40) represents a sort of community amidst it.

There are two albums: ‘Puzzle’ is chaos and meant to represent the internal dialogue in a fundamentally absurd time, ‘Snuggles’ is meant to be a beautiful balm that acts as a conclusion and something you can listen to on a loop to feel better. Both have a film.

The concept of it all, (which I’ll explain in Youtube clips prior to the release), is such that I hope it inspires people- if visually inclined- to make their own graphic novels, films, books etc, using the music as a soundtrack.

‘The Puzzle’ is written to be my version of a soundtrack to a kind of universal experience we’ve shared I guess…the movie and books we are producing are meant as examples of the concept…as in: ‘everybody’s puzzle is unique, based on the same experiences’

My work has always really just been a product of a compulsion to reflect what’s going on in my life. If things are chaotic, it’s bound to be chaotic. It’s been a very bizarre workflow, but it’s starting to come together now. The delivery date is March 22, release 2-3 months later.

Finally, in August, I will begin recording my next actual ‘album’ (with songs) for release in early 2022. (Untitled so far) but before that, ‘The Puzzle’ is something very different and really fascinating I think.

I’ll be back to podcasts and Twitch streams when the workload lightens a touch here. Be well and thanks for everything.”

We’ll keep you up to date as soon as we have more on this story.

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