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In an act of audacious defiance that is sure to ignite controversy, Death Metal titans DEICIDE have released their provocative new digital single ‘Sever The Tongue’ today.

This amplifies the band’s notorious reputation for challenging religious conventions, reinforcing their position at the vanguard of the death metal genre.

If the gruesome visuals of ‘Bury The Cross…With Your Christ‘ didn’t offend then lines like this from ‘Sever The Tongue‘ certainly will, “Wrath of the holy / God is no more / Satan possess me / No savior reborn / F**k your religion / Sever the tongue.

Glen Benton, the ever-provocative frontman, taunts, “A life undone on the crucifix hung…sever the tongue…

Sever The Tongue‘ is crafted in the infernal workshops of Smoke & Mirrors, showcasing DEICIDE’s relentless pursuit of extreme musical devastation. The track benefits from the engineering prowess of Jeramie Kling and the adept musicianship of Taylor Nordberg, with the sonic alchemy perfected by the masterful mixing and mastering of Josh Wilbur.

This release not only serves as a harbinger of the darkly anticipated album ‘Banished By Sin‘, set for release on April 26, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music, but also marks the opening of pre-orders for what promises to be a monumental addition to the death metal canon.

Fans eager to secure their copy can do so now, ensuring they are among the first to experience DEICIDE’s latest sacrilegious offering.

Pre-orders are available HERE.

‘Banished By Sin’ – Track Listing:

01. From Unknown Heights You Shall Fall
02. Doomed To Die
03. Sever The Tongue
04. Faithless
05. Bury The Cross…With Your Christ
06. Woke From God
07. Ritual Defied
08. Failures Of Your Dying Lord
09. Banished By Sin
10. Trinity Of None
11. I Am I…A Curse Of Death
12. The Light Defeated


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