DME Promotions announce a very special show.

Posted on by Oran

Just when you thought things could not get any better, DME Promotions have gone and booked a show that is worthy of the God’s themselves attending! Find out all about it here.

Primordial & HELL Dublin

Get your head around this for a second, PRIMORDIAL will be launching their new album ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ at an exclusive show in Dublin’s Academy on Friday 29th November with support from HELL, DEAD CONGREGATION and MALTHUSIAN.

Now, pinch your self and get your finances together because tickets for this event will disappear into the clutches of some rather lucky bastards, who are probably booking flights, and rearranging their Christmas lists as you read this!

The level of quality shows that are coming through Ireland of late, is nothing short of outstanding and long may it continue.

Tickets for this event will be on sale 25th of April at 10am and will be available from the usual outlets which you can access via DME Promotions website.