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With a blistering Summer of gigs on the calender, DME Promotions have announced a few more bangers to keep the neck muscles nice and loose!

DME banner new showsA fine selection of gigs have been announced by DME Promotions over the last few weeks and they just keep coming and coming. Long may it continue!



First up we have the mighty DESTRUCTION who are back to deliver a serious helping of some old school Thrash! The support comes from Evil Invaders, Lost Society and Shrapnel.


After having released several records over the years, in 2011 they released their album “Day Of Reckoning”!

“We wanted this record to sound pure and fresh!” says mainman Schmier “The direction was clear from the start, fast-picking dominating thrash riffs combined with in-your-face songs and vocals!”

Commented Schmier: “If you think DESTRUCTION is an old band, this album will prove you wrong! The speed & energy combined with a basic, fresh and aggressive production, will make this record an outstanding classic of our long discography – you don’t believe me? Buckle up and have a listen then!”

Destruction new album 2014

Still consisting of the core line-up of Schmier and Mike, DESTRUCTION hired a new relentless machine-like drummer; With Vaaver (ex-UNSUN) by their side, the Trio kicks more ass than ever. The band also invited some guest musicians to take part in “Day Of Reckoning”.

“Ol Drake from EVILE did such a fantastic job when he jumped in for Mike last year (the guitarist broke two fingers of his left hand) that we had to invite him to jam some leads on the record. If we would ever consider working with a second guitarist again it has to be him!” Schmier states.

destruction live

Perfectly and powerfully recorded, mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, MAROON, NEAERA, COMMUNIC…) “Day Of Reckoning” marks another highlight of the long running successful career of the legend that is DESTRUCTION.

Ticket for Destruction are on sale now from links on this page.


From the deepest darkest depths of eastern Scotland comes ALESTORM, a drunken band of pirates on an epic quest to drink your beer, steal your rum, and be the greatest damn band that ever did sail the seven seas!

Describing their style as “True Scottish Pirate Metal”, Alestorm plays an infectious blend of modern folk and power metal with a unique piratical twist. After forming in 2006 and rapidly gaining a cult following in their local scene, the band signed to Austria’s Napalm Records, and released three groundbreaking albums; “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” (2008), “Black Sails at Midnight” (2009), and “Back Through Time” (2011).

Now in 2014, hot on the heels of their recent live album “Live at the End of the World”, Alestorm are releasing their 4th full length album, entitled “Sunset on the Golden Age”. Prepare to have your mind blown with some of the catchiest Pirate Metal anthems you’ve ever heard, with tales of mythological creatures, epic battles, and swashbuckling action that’ll make you want to raise up a pint of rum and sing your heart out.

Alestorm tour poster


To purchase tickets, go to this link.


It’s no surprise that Protest The Hero made a fan out of Dream Theater co-founder Mike Portnoy or that subcultural tastemaker Decibel described them as “phenomenally talented, intense and heavy.” They are just as given to taking a page from the Noisecore movement of the late ‘90s spearheaded by bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Botch as they are to wander into the esoteric but bizarrely radio-friendly territory of a band like Faith No More. Protest The Hero expertly mine the most head-scratching strains of progressive minded metal music, excavating the melodic truths at the heart of the style. They’ve long endeavored to pay equal attention to the visual presentation, as well.

Protest The Hero’s fourth album contains some of their heaviest and most progressive material, while alternately offering increasingly melodic punk elements that open the door to even bigger horizons. “The music is still bat-shit crazy a lot of the time, but there’s more structure,” Hoskin notes. “On our first two albums, I’d play them for friends and they’d say, ‘This part was cool but it never comes back!’ That was the intention at the time. Now we bring parts back and expand on them.”

Volition boasts the heaviest song Protest The Hero has even written, “A Life Embossed,” a fast-paced and complex barnstormer with dissonant guitars. It’s topped with vocal declarations against breed-specific legislation regarding pitbulls. “Plato’s Tripartite” is infused with even more venom for modern events, decrying the misogyny that can lead to physical abuse, demanding that society take a shared, collective responsibility.

The first song the band wrote for the album musically, “Tilting Against Windmills” (the title is from “Don Quixote”), rails against the homophobia of religious fundamentalists. “I almost called the song ‘Kirk Cameron is Gay,’ but I was vetoed,” Walker says, with a laugh.

Walker’s love of all things “Star Trek” continues unabated on the more lighthearted “Clarity,” which smacks down “Star Wars” once and for all. Musically it’s “an all around assault” according to Hoskin. “We wanted a first song that, when it’s done, people just press pause because it has kind of punished their senses.”

Protest The Hero possesses a chemistry that dates back to a time before any of the guys in the band were old enough to drive. They recorded their first 7” record when they were all just 13 years old and embarked on a “Rock The Vote” tour the day they finished high school. The band’s technicality and Walker’s vocal range were evident already on their 2005 debut album, the conceptually driven Kezia. The Onion AV Club awarded sophomore album, Fortress, an “A”; Alternative Press gave it four stars. Scurrilous showcased a potent and broadened accessibility.

After years on the road with friends and peers in bands like Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, All That Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, In Flames and Trivium as well as stints on Vans Warped Tour and Australia’s Soundwave Festival, founding drummer Moe Carlson exited the band on the eve of Volition’s creation, marking the first and only member change since Protest The Hero began.


Protest The Hero drafted gargantuan heavy-hitter Chris Adler, best known as the driving force behind monolithic modern metal band Lamb Of God, to perform session duties during the Volition recording process. “Getting Chris made sense to all of us,” Hoskin recalls. “I think Moe was even in on that discussion. He was the first guy we got a hold of and he said ‘Yes’ right away, before any kind of a deal was even worked out.”

As much a career long culmination in style and spirit as a new chapter in their continuing evolution, Protest The Hero’s Volition sits mightily alongside the catalog, the music videos, the mandatory crowd participation of their performances and every other detail of the band’s expression, part of a burgeoning legacy built on truthfulness and artistic independence. Commercial conquering has never been the goal; making statements, planting a cultural flag of sorts, has always been paramount.

“I hope people see the whole package,” says Hoskin. “The music, videos, promo photos, blogs, studio updates – all of it. I’d like some perplexity over the whole thing. ‘What in the world are they doing?’”

“Even if we are never ‘successful’ I hope that people will remember us as important,” Walker agrees. “That may sound egotistical, but I’d love to have a lasting legacy of unflinching integrity; that we didn’t play by anyone’s rules other than our own and the people who cared about us.”

Support comes from The Faceless + The Contortionist + Palm Reader

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