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The Norwich reflective Rock band The Thinking Men released their EP ‘Queen of Ravens’ last week. It is an EP that leaves you wanting more.


From the first song of this short and sweet EP, you realise The Thinking Men is very entertaining to listen to. Danceable, frankly speaking. The Thinking Men catch you off guard when they breach boppy organ hits with comedic growling.

The opener ‘Queen of Ravens’ could be the theme song of a 60s cartoon series tailored around a villain in disguise.Indeed, singer Johnny Raspin‘s vocals can be mistaken for the bastard son of an energetic Tom Waits and more child-friendly Reverend Beat-Man.
The drumming on ‘Under My Skin’ carries the song wonderfully hand in hand with the leitmotif guitar riffing and the groove in ‘Graveyard Shift’ are quite reminiscent of Seasick Steve’s ‘Diddly Bo’. A very distorted organ solo fits in neatly like a tombstone on a cemetery.

The level of experimental fusing of influences cracked with hints of demonic hissing can be compared to Diabolo Swing Orchestra. From Doors-like psychedelic instrumental intersection to accents of ska, to blues rock, every song has got its own individual blend. The catchy guitar framework is versatile from song to song and does not restrain from embracing the unexpected, like old school surf style on the closing track ‘The Oil Song’.

From our side, a full-length album is awaited eagerly. 3.5/5
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Blathin Eckhardt

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