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In a sudden twist to the last remaining chapter of Sepultura, long-time powerhouse drummer Eloy Casagrande is no longer in the band’s current lineup.

The band recently announced they’d embark on one final world tour before calling it quits, but not before undergoing a major lineup change.

Sepultura has just announced that longtime drummer Eloy Casagrande has left the band and will be replaced by Greyson Nekrutman (Suicidal Tendencies).

Welcome Greyson Nekrutman to Sepultura who replaces Eloy Casagrande who has decided to leave Sepultura,” wrote the band. “Greyson’s first shows with us starts March 1 as we kick off the Celebrating Life Through Death Farewell Tour.

Sepultura elaborated on the situation, saying that Casagrande left the band to pursue “another project.” The band also noted in their statement that they were; “taken by surprise,” and go on to say that Casagrande “abandoned everything related to Sepultura.”

They continued; “Luckily American virtuoso Greyson Nekrutman will take the position of Eloy Casagrande and is welcomed as the band’s new drummer for the ‘Celebrating Life Through Death’ farewell tour.

Check out some drum cam footage of Nekrutman performing with ST below…

Greyson comments: “Today I express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible opportunity to join the legendary ranks of Sepultura for their farewell tour.

To contribute to this legacy is a privilege that fills me with both honor and excitement. Sepultura’s fearless approach to exploring new territories in the metal sphere is something that I have always admired and strived to emulate in my musical endeavors.

I am eagerly looking forward to adding my spirit and passion to the mix, to connecting with the fans who have supported the band through its evolution, and to the electrifying experiences we’ll create together on stage. Here’s to the new chapters we’ll write together, to the stages we’ll conquer, and to the powerful music we’ll unleash upon the world.”

Rumors are circulating that Casagrande has been selected as Jay Weinberg’s replacement in Slipknot as the timing seems to be very serendipitous. We’ll just have to wait and see…

In the meantime, re-visit our article back in November 2023 as to three possible replacements for Weinberg and check out who we pegged as the first choice. Click here to access that article.

Sepultura will embark on their final farewell tour later this year.

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