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Enslaved are preparing for the second show of their Cinematic Summer Tour, streaming this evening at 7 pm BST / 8 pm CEST. 

This special performance is called ‘Below The Lights’ – named after their 2003 ground-breaking 7th studio album which they’ll be playing in full for the very first time!

It’s a collaboration with Bergen’s infamous Beyond The Gates Festival.

STREAM THE EVENT today @ 7pm BST / 8pm CEST: via this link. *you can sign up now for a show notification, and join the waiting room to chat about the upcoming show.

Enslaved commented: “Below The Lights is a special album to us, a stint between two eras in our career. It was the last to feature Dirge Rep on drums, the first since Roy Kronheim left the band, the first album with guitar leads by Ice Dale and the most focused album in many, many years! We were very proud of the final result… and nobody seemed to care, hahaha!

At least not at the time of its release. But, in the following years, we recognised an ever-increasing horde of people suddenly embracing it. Fans started shouting: “Play Havenless!” or “As Fire Swept Clean The Earth!” at gigs.

We were a bit puzzled by this sudden praise for the album but decided to include some of the songs in our setlists. Now, almost two decades later, we are proud to finally perform the album in its entirety through the ether at Beyond The Gates Festival 2020 – a festival that we feel a close connection to; and that we have worked together with fruitfully many times in the past. Beyond The Gates always goes its own way, pushing the boundaries and sharing their unique ethos alongside a dedication to their favourite music like we also do in Enslaved.”

Enslaved launched an exclusive merchandise range to accompany the Cinematic Summer Tour, with designs viewable below inc. more information. To give everyone the chance to be part of this completely novum in music, all three shows will be free of charge, however, Enslaved have launched a donation link if fans wish to make a contribution towards the costs of putting the shows via this donation link.

Purchase exclusive Cinematic Summer Tour merch here. 

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