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Famous for their ‘Blue Peter’ props, gregarious characters and catchy metal anthems, Evil Scarecrow are back with their first offering of 2024…

Once more Evil Scarecrow embrace the social and political problems of our time, delving into the deepest fears of our population and summoning nightmares into being.

As life becomes more of a struggle the effects of drug abuse are amplified, we have all worried about the potential influence of too much ‘rock’ on the world, but what about our poultry? This is the allegorical tale of a chicken that’s gone too far; within their crack-induced paranoia they come to believe they have been possessed by the soul of an ancient sea monster.

The overriding message – don’t do drugs, not only is it a potentially dangerous waste of money, but it could turn you into a giant cock-rell.

Oran O’Beirne

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