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Los Angeles-based two-time Grammy-nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin, has founded a cosmic new heavy metal band SIGLOS.

SIGLOS features the transcendent strings of Sin Quirin, former iconic Ministry band member of 15 years, and the commanding vocals of Pedro Sanchez, from the band Transtorno.

The debut single was written by Sin Quirin and Pedro Sanchez during the lockdown period and was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound.

Check out a preview of the track/video below:

“Por Los Siglos is representative of a rebirth, akin to a heavy metal big bang”. Sin Quirin says of the single, “The time is now and our ancestors have been waiting for this. For the ages, Por Los Siglos. For the ages to break ourselves free and in doing so, we are able to free our ancestors and future generations from the chains of our past karmas.”

The dawn of SIGLOS is the result of divine timing and the unyielding will to have a hand in cosmic creation without rules. In the words of Sin Quirin, “The music from SIGLOS comes from the cosmic world, where the stars have aligned and not just by coincidence. My vision and understanding of this project is that it’s divine timing and we have messages, perceptions, emotions to be shared, to be touched by the masses…The music resonates in me and I am able to express and speak in the language of the soul.

Pedro Sanchez feels the same, calling it “Magic that he and Sin are able to create together as a band and as a tribe”. He comments, “It’s a great pleasure and honor to be picked up and be chosen to do this collaboration. We are both hard workers, creators of reality, and believers of the work we do.

The raw chords and heavy compositions of SIGLOS are influenced by every sight, sound and emotion ever experienced by Sin.. Experience the relentless power of SIGLOS in their first single Por Los Siglos and use that as a precursor to a forthcoming album which the guys are currently working on.

Here’s what Gary Holt [Exodus] and Dave Ellefson [ex-Megadeth] had to say about Sin

Sin is a singularly unique talent, underrated guitar hero, and a key dynamic member of every project he’s done, and I can’t wait to hear what he does next! I know it’s going to be stellar!Gary Holt

Sin has been a solid backbone to everything he’s been involved in and it’s great to see him stepping out now to do his own thing. He is a true rockstar in every sense of the wordDavid Ellefson

We’ll have more info on this very soon….

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