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On the final leg of the European ‘Lightwork Tour’, Overdrive’s DJ Pennell sat down with Canadian Prog Metal genius, Mr Devin Townsend for his ONLY UK Interview (and third interview in total on this 8 week tour).

Find out about their exclusive chat where Devin discusses his previous landmark concert events, nose-picking, and his next project called, ‘The Moth’, which is essentially a £10 Million musical middle finger!

Asked what are his plans when he finishes this tour, and gets back home:
I have been building an Atmos studio (Dolby Atmos), which has been very expensive but It’s coming together and this Moth project that I have been working on for years, I finally am now… 

Because it’s all going to be in Atmos and it’s… part and parcel of trying to sort of confront the ‘people pleasing tendencies as well on a creative level…. what I want to do now is so specific and bloody cool man… like I’ve got this idea which I think is fucking awesome.

But in order to do it the way I want it to be done, it has to be un-compromised like completely, And so a big part of building my own studio and doing all these things is I don’t want to have to answer to anybody, I don’t want a committee of people with their arms crossed saying ‘well you know we should get to the chorus quicker’, or whatever, and I’m like, I want it to be like this and I want the intent to be this, and… I want the emotional impact to crescendo in this particular way so when people are participating in it, It’s like a real conscientious effect that we’re orchestrating. And so putting together the team for that and the right equipment, and the right technical acumen… to make it all actualised Is thrilling to me, I love it!

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When asked about future projects, and anything that could be left of field, that could really surprise everyone, he replies straight away without hesitation: “‘The Moth’ is fucking crazy man. Lightwork is a record that I needed to make, and I needed to go through, but it was uh… I’ve never worked with anyone else before, And that process… I guess I needed to learn

Commenting on working with producer Garth Richardson on the Lightwork album, recorded in 2021; “It was a great learning experience for me and more than anything else for me I came out going ‘OK I’m gonna do it exactly how I fucking want to do it from here on out’, and The Moth is… if it gets done the way that I am hoping… it’s a TEN MILLION POUND Middle finger. It’s beyond epic

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Big thank you to Devin Townsend, and all the team for their time.

Devin Townsend’s latest album ‘Lightwork‘ is available now. Pick up your copy via this link.

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