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When three becomes four! Dead Label kick off 2019 with a blistering new track “False Messiah” featuring new guitarist. Watch the world exclusive video premiere right here! 

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Dead Label have been off the matrix for the last 5 months working on their new studio album and yesterday (January 15th) the band confirmed the addition of guitarist, Mick Hynes.

Check out the brand new video/track ‘False Messiah‘ below;

Overdrive gets all the latest from drummer Claire Percival and a few words from Mick regarding how he became a full-time member of the band below;

OD – There is no question that Dead Label have been very busy over the last 6 months. Tell us how it came to be that you are now a four-piece?

CLAIRE – Being a four piece was something we were never opposed to, but we always thought it was difficult to find someone with the same level of commitment and determination as us.

However, last Summer we spent a lot of time with This Place Hell and it was clear Mick was cut from the same cloth as us. We also thought that adding a second guitar player would allow for us to experiment more for the third album. Mick’s guitar playing is very similar to Danny’s and he was easily incorporated into Dead Label. It’s like he has always been in the band now!

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OD – With regards to the new material, how far are you into the new album?

CLAIRE – The new album is pretty much-done writing-wise, there’s a few bits and pieces to be tied up but we are very excited to get the album out!

OD – This new track ‘False Messiah‘ certainly represents an evolution of sorts, can we expect more of the same with the new material?

CLAIRE – Yes, there are many new elements to be found in the new material. There is certainly a lot of the consistent Dead Label sound but we have certainly expanded our sound!

OD – Now that Mick (Hynes) is a full-time member, do you find that the structure of the songwriting differs from what you have done in the past?

CLAIRE – Moving forward from here it will add a different dynamic and we will be writing with this in mind!

OD – With regards to the new album, when can we expect to see a release date?

CLAIRE – We are hoping to have the album out by Summer, all going well!

OD – The concept of the video has a similar theme from ‘Pure Chaos‘, there is no question that you all have passionate feelings when it comes to religion/cults or any organisation that profits on overpowering peoples vulnerabilities. Would it be correct in assuming that this new material tackles more of this type of stuff?

CLAIRE – Yes, a lot of the problems in the world are based around organised religion and so everyday world events can be inspiring themes for heavy metal songs!

OD – Are there be any shows/tours that you can share with us at the moment, as I’m sure a lot of people are itching to see Dead Label now as a four piece?

CLAIRE – There will be a show announcement coming very, very soon. We’re just working on getting things confirmed, but I can say it’s gonna be a hometown gig and it’s gonna be one hell of a show loaded with some new material. I can’t wait!

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Former This Place Hell guitarist, Mick Hynes commented on how his addition to the band came about;

MICK – I got a message from Danny (Hall) one evening asking me to come for a jam as they were interested in seeing what it would sound like with a second guitarist but said they weren’t making any changes to the lineup.

Dead Label had been sharing This Place Hell’s rehearsal spot for a while and we had hung out at Bloodstock and bonded a bit, so when they asked me being the huge Dead Label fan that I am, I couldn’t refuse.

So, we jammed out four or five songs and then I was asked to learn another on the spot which I did and then they said: “cool man, see ya soon”. Then a week or so later they asked to meet up and asked me to join and I said yes. Not an easy decision considering I was already in a band, but it’s not often you get to take a huge step in your career let alone with one of your favourite bands.

OD – Musically, did you find it a natural fit when you started jamming together?

MICK – Yea, absolutely! As I said, I’ve been a huge fan for years and have learned a lot of their stuff during crucial times of my guitar playing development and a lot stuck with me.

I’ve always had a massive Dead Label influence and looked to them for inspiration so it all just clicked. We all share a love for huge “PHAT” riffs and a love of music. Plus Danny (Hall, Guitars) now has the freedom to do what he wants and he takes full advantage of that in the practice space haha!

OD – With regards to the forthcoming Dead Label album, I’m sure you’re eager to get out there and get some live dates under your belt, especially your debut show with the band which has yet to be announced?

MICK – Eager isn’t the word! I cannot wait to step on stage it feels like it has been forever for me and with all the songs I’ve been learning new and old, I’m so pumped to get on stage and rock out with them. I’m actually quite nervous for the first show but in a good way, we’re gonna kill it!


OD – Can you give us an idea of the new material that you’ve all been working on and your thoughts on what people can expect from the live experience?

MICK – Pretty much all of the new material was written before I joined besides a few little things here and there, so I haven’t had much influence in the writing just yet. But what we do have is AMAZING! It’s like Dead Label perfected Dead Label.

It’s focused and heavy but it’s also quite different at times and some of the material will surprise some people too. As for performing live, Dead Label just got bigger. They were always the band that destroyed every other band in terms of live sound and performance, and with myself in the mix, I’m hoping they’ve just added another notch to their belt. 2019 is our year!

Dead Label are;

Dan O’Grady – Bass/Vocals

Claire Percival – Drums

Danny Hall – Guitars

Mick Hynes – Guitars

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