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Fear Factory reveal details of album reissues, but it’s not all smooth sailing…

In addition to a new album from Fear Factory in 2021, it seems that fans can look forward to deluxe reissues of 2010’s “Mechanize” and 2012’s “The Industrialist” which will sport various previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The band’s guitarist Dino Cazares recently confirmed the news to a fan on Twitter via the below exchange:

“No, because all the songs that are going to be included in the reissue of Mechanize and the Industrialist will include everything that we haven’t released” — Dino Cazares (@DinoCazares) November 28, 2020.

When asked by a fan if ‘Mechanize‘ still have Hoglan’s drums or will Mike Heller be re-recording them? Dino responded: “Gene Hoglan drums will remain on ‘Mechanize’, only ‘The Industrialist’ programmed drums will be replaced with real drums. No release date yet.”

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Beyond that, fans can also pick up a 25th-anniversary vinyl box set edition of the band’s 1995 sophomore album “Demanufacture” here.

Fear Factory has had a tumultuous year with the resolution of a long-running legal battle between current and former members of the band resulted in Cazares gaining 100% control of the band’s trademarks.

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