Free Gojira & Kvelertak live EP.

Posted on by Oran

Thanks to Roadrunner Records, two of the most exciting live bands in our world Gojira & Kvelertack, have teamed up to bring you a exclusive live EP that you can download right here!

Gojira & Kvelertak

Gojira are truly something special; they’re one of the few bands in metal whose live performances are more like religious experiences than concerts. They bring all the energy you could possibly want from an extreme music act to the stage with them, but there’s also a gracefulness to the way they perform. Anyone that was lucky enough to catch their last Irish performance in Whelan’s during “The Way Of All Flesh” will understand the brilliance of these French musicians.


The band’s new video, for the track “The Gift of Guilt” from last year’s L’Enfant Sauvage, captures Gojira’s live show in all its glory. Filmed at London’s O2 Brixton Academy, it’s not quite as good as seeing the band live in the flesh, but it’s definitely the next best thing!

As if that weren’t enough, Gojira have teamed up with Roadrunner Records labelmates Kvelertak to release a live EP, completely free, available RIGHT NOW. Each band has three songs on the EP including the version of Gojira’s “The Gift of Guilt” in the video above. Stream or download it here.


EP track listing:

1. Gojira – “L’Enfant Sauvage”

2. Gojira – “The Axe”

3. Gojira – “The Gift Of Guilt”

4. Kvelertak – “Kvelertak”

5. Kvelertak – “Bruane Brenn”

6. Kvelertak – “Evig Vandrar”