Go Ahead And Die (Soulfly, Khemmis) Debut “Toxic Freedom”

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Go Ahead And Die, who feature the duo of Soulfly, etc. frontman Max Cavalera and his son Igor Amadeus Cavalera along with Khemmis, etc. drummer Zach Coleman, have released their second single “Toxic Freedom“.

The group’s self-titled debut is presently headed for a June 11th release date through Nuclear Blast.

Check out the new track below:

GO AHEAD AND DIE are a raw, urgent, unrelenting, thrillingly shocking, and vibrant new band. It was born from the mind of creative writer and musician, Igor Amadeus Cavalera and the bond of blood and music he shares with his dad, extreme metal icon, and SOULFLY band leader Max Cavalera.

Its tempos are wild, its contempt for modern social ills palpable, its riffs monstrous and captivating. They make angry, spiteful, utterly engaging, spirited extreme music for increasingly extreme times.

The self-titled debut sees Max and Igor splitting guitar and vocalist duties, with utter madman style drumming from Zach Coleman of the blistering Black Curse and critically acclaimed Khemmis.

It sounds like a relic from the glory days of thrash, proto-death metal, and filthy rotten punk, the kind of band that would inspire a teenaged thrasher in1987 to carve the G.A.A.D. logo into a school desk

The bands’ previous single ‘Truckload Full of Bodies’ was received well by critics and fans alike with Max Cavalera commenting: “Truckload Full of Bodies is a dark x-ray of the COVID-19 pandemic. It examines the way certain politicians in 2020 didn’t care about their citizens. Hypocrites took care of themselves, and did not care about the rest of us dying.

His son, Igor Amadeus states, “Like a riot breaking through your windows, G.A.A.D. arrives with a revolting mix of punk and metal, the perfect soundtrack to these dismal times.”

Pre-orders are now live for the album. Get yours here.

Check out the track below:

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