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Gojira have released their widely anticipated new album ‘FORTITUDE’, which is available today. The band marks the occasion with the release of ‘The Chant’ – watch below…

Today the band has also shared an official music video for “The Chant,” which is streaming now on their YouTube channel.

Written/conceived by the band’s own Joe Duplantier and directed by Russell Brownley, the cinematic video was filmed on location in India’s West Bengal region in December of 2019.

It examines the plight of refugee children from Tibet who fled their homeland in an attempt to preserve their culture following China’s invasion of the country in 1949.

Check out the video below:

Duplantier commented on the significance of the video stating, “This work is inspired by the reading of Tenzin Tsundue’s poetry. A righteous Tibetan activist, that describes the cultural genocide perpetrated on its people. We’ve always been sensitive to the Tibetan struggle. One of the wisest and most compassionate traditions, victim of the worst human rights violations imaginable since its invasion in 1949.

Tibetan culture inspired many of our lyrics and had a deep impact on our approach of philosophy and art in general. Our thoughts go out to all Tibetans. We’re hoping that we’ll see their land free from oppression in our lifetime.”

The centerpiece of an album-long call to action, “The Chant” is a slow-burning track featuring some of Gojira’s most melodic material to date. Where past anthems were driven by nuanced dynamics and technical guitar arrangements, “The Chant” is a self-described “healing ritual” emanating primordial warmth, culminating in a harmony-stacked chorus that bridges the gap between ancient hymnals and contemporary rock.

‘Fortitude’ is out today. Call on your local record store for a copy or log on to any established streaming sites.

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