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UK stoner/doom merchants Green Lung are back with the first slice from their sophomore LP ‘Black Harvest’, which is due for release later this year. Listen to ‘Leaders of the Blind’ below…

The group–featuring Tom Templar (vocals), Scott Masson (guitar), Joseph Ghast (bass), Matt Wiseman (drums), John Wright (organ)–auspiciously garnered such praise and support on debut EP ‘Free the Witch’ (2018) and then on their self-released debut LP ‘Woodland Rites’ (2019).

Having featured in Overdrive’sBest of...’ lists over the last few years, Green Lung have managed to capture the attention of the mainstream with publications such as The Guardian taking an interest.

Check out the new single below:

The group are now readying for the release of their Svart Records debut called Black Harvest. Supported by a massive production courtesy of Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad), a John Davis mastering job (at Metropolis [Led Zeppelin, Royal Blood]), and adorned with Richard Wells’ (Doctor Who, Dracula, Ben Wheatley’s In the Earth) striking artwork, Black Harvest is legend with its British (Queen to Atomic Rooster) and American (Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd) hard-working heavy rock disposition.

Green Lung’s premiere for Black Harvest comes in the form of lead single “Leaders of the Blind,” which puts to rest any speculation that the band has lost their knack of penning sensational doom-drenched melodic anthems that reek of the occult and Stanky bong water.

Say Green Lung: “‘Leaders of the Blind’ is the most directly political song we’ve written to date. The world events of the past few years definitely had a bearing on the lyrical content for ‘Black Harvest’, from the pandemic to the climate crisis, and this song was borne out of frustration with the media and political classes in Britain, and their increasingly Surkov-esque manipulation of the general public.

With John joining the band on keys midway through recording ‘Woodland Rites’, we wanted to incorporate organ more integrally on this album, hence the Jon Lord-style licks and insistent stabbing verse riff, and Scott’s solo is the result of playing a bunch of Priest covers in the practice room. It’s intended as a rabble-rouser and we can’t wait to finally play it live.

Pre-orders for ‘Black Harvest‘ are now available here, however, most of the limited pressings sold out within 30 mins from going on sale.

Green Lung will make their Irish debut at next years’ Clang Metal Festival alongside Candlemass, Coroner, and many more. Tickets are on sale here.

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