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Michigan residents GRETA VAN FLEET finally make it to Ireland despite the original scheduled date from back in March. Was it worth the wait and did they live up to the hype?

Credit – Down The Barrel Photography, exclusively for © 2019

The Olympia is rammed to capacity and it couldn’t be a more eclectic crowd.

Young an old, male, female, rockers, hipsters, metal heads and the curious prepare themselves for the Irish debut from one of the most talked-about bands on planet rock this year.

The lights dim and the air fills with a hefty serving of dry ice, before pint-sized vocalist Josh Kiszka bounds on stage barefoot, waring a burgundy 70’s style catsuit with a bouquet of white roses for the front row of shrieking fans, who are damn-near frantic with excitement.

His bandmates (and brothers) guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka; and drummer Danny Wagner, waste no time in kicking off with ‘Highway Tune‘ much to the delight of the venue, who lap up every drop, like it was the last show on earth.

Credit – Down The Barrel Photography, exclusively for © 2019

What follows is ‘Edge of Darkness‘ and ‘Black Smoke Rising‘, generating an overpowering volume from the audience’s vocals; that it’s genuinely difficult to hear Josh’s own vocals.

Greta Van Fleet have the Olympia in the palm of their hands and continue to take the show to new heights from their (let’s face it) very limited discography.

Credit – Down The Barrel Photography, exclusively for © 2019

The ‘Zeppelin‘ influence is far from nuance and more of a direct DNA link, as they stalk the stage amidst the blues-driver anthems and to be honest, so what? They do it rather well and judging by the age some of tonights punters, GVF are opening a door into a fantastic world filled with aural delights, hopefully providing a journey that will no doubt introduce these kids to a soundtrack littered with classics from 70’s blues/hard rock and beyond.

With just a setlist that contains 12 tracks, GVF manage to pack in an exhilarating show, that gave each member a platform to shine, this especially applies to guitarist Jake Kiszka who holds the unit together with his impressive retro-swagger and organic style of playing.

Credit – Down The Barrel Photography, exclusively for © 2019

There are moments of brilliance here and there, and the overall GVF live experience is one I’d recommend to those who have an interest in the 70’s rock sound, but I feel that these four young musicians are only coming into their stride; and have a lot more to give.

I guess only time will tell. 4/5

Setlist –

  1. Highway Tune
  2. Edge of Darkness
  3. Black Smoke Rising
  4. You’re the One
  5. Age of Man
  6. Watching Over
  7. Mountain of the Sun
  8. The Cold Wind
  9. When The Curtain Falls
  10. Flower Power
  11. Watch Me (Labi Siffre Cover)
  12. Safari

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Photography  – Down The Barrel Photography, exclusively for © 2019