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With the release of last month’s single, ‘Underground Star’, GREYFACE are once again pushing the boundaries of their genre-bending sound, with their new hair-raising single ‘Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles)’.

‘Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles’)’ sees GREYFACE present a wonderfully somber ballad-like opus, that blossoms into a gargantuan aural monolith, loaded with their, now, trademark anthemic, dark-pop approach to songwriting.

Listen to ‘Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles) below:

Speaking of the new single, ‘Dead Men (Don’t Walk in Circles) the band comments: “’ Dead Men…is our third single and features ‘Tadhg’ on piano accompaniment.

It serves as a defining rock-opera moment within our upcoming EP, backed full-force by distorted guitars, and expressive rhythms and riffs.

The track swells providing orchestral backing to match intimate piano-lines, and whispered vocals, which gradually develop the song into a power-ballad.”

The new single ‘Dead Men (Don’t’ Walk in Circles) is out today.

Last months’ ‘Underground Star’ [see video below] single saw the band picking up interest from highly-respected media platforms across Ireland, UK, the USA, and mainland Europe, captivating a new audience for the elusive four-piece.

More info on GREYFACE:

The band’s philosophy is loosely based on the universal Freudian/Jungian ideas of the inner shadow. Each member of the group names and paints this inner idea most people choose to ignore or reject for its undesirability.

The group refers to their shadow as their “GREYFACE”, taking these ideas to the stage in a theatrical and explosive way.

Each member brings a certain element to the band’s collective image and sound. Here’s a profile of each member:

We like to see each character personally as a ‘true-self, and feel that shows mostly in the bands physical appearance.

Éalu (Drums) – Makeup Inspired by Celtic roots, and usually dressed in a black kilt and coat. Most commonly seen with ‘blind eyes’ making reference to ‘blinding revelations’ that occur when looking deeper into ones psychology. Éalu translates to, ‘Escape’, as Gaeilge.

Icarus (Guitar) – Makeup inspired by designs and ancient symbolism. Seen in black and leather or high-fashion streetwear. The name Icarus derives from the Greek fable, and reflects on a deep lack of control mixed with a desire to escape from the burdening chains of reality by any means.

Evra (Bass) – Makeup is usually wet and running black. Evra paints their entire body creating a stark contrast to their dress, which is usually seen in pink or blue. The name Evra originates from a fascination with reptiles, and the physical loudness of their appearance relates to inward frustrations and the extreme, chaotic means of releasing them.

Shaye (Vocals) – Makeup inspired by MTV and Glam, seen in gold, black and red. His name originates from a Californian art project by Eric Fournier known as, ‘Shaye Saint John’. The name relates to the inability to define or understand oneself in the face of vanity and self-obsession. His eyes are usually red, reflecting an obsession with goals and plastic desires.

Through high-energy performance, the band performs a stylised mix of music branching from hip-hop, to rock/metal, to electronica which was a refreshing experience for their German debut at Wacken Open Air; in 2019.

After their 2019 debut single, ‘Yin’ (listen here) was played on radio stations nationwide, the group received positive press from critics leading to the continued flow of singles in 2021.

On the overall sound of ‘GREYFACE’ they stated:

The true essence of the group is to experiment and flirt with different musical ideas as one consistent unit.

Modern-day has left genre behind, and GREYFACE are no exception. Inspired to naturally bend styles in the same vein as artists like, Billie Eilish, or The Prodigy.

Each song differs sonically ranging from Linkin Park to the Prodigy from the use of hardcore rave synths to orchestral-filled piano ballads to metal breakdowns and emotionally fuelled indie-rock bangers.

The group’s conceptuality, sound, and essence, however, stays consistent throughout, remaining recognisable as GREYFACE.”

GREYFACE consists of the following four members:

Shaye – Vocals

Icarus – Guitar

Evra – Bass

Éalú – Drums

Greyface will be performing a headline show in Dublin’s Grand Social on October 29th. Tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster.

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