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Heilung invoked the spirits of the old world for the first time at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre back in 2021.

Today, they’re announcing ‘Lifa Iotungard’, a live album that captures that unforgettable night under the starry Colorado sky on CD and vinyl.

Recorded live at Red Rocks in October 2021, Lifa Iotungard captures Heilung’s sacred ritual. As torches blazed and drums echoed between the sandstones, a sacred space was created, linking the hearts of the present with the spirits of the past.

Remember that we all are brothers“, Heilung recite during their opening ceremony. “All people, beasts, trees, and stones and wind. We all descend from the one great being“.

Set a reminder for the live at Red Rocks version of ‘Traust'(which goes live at 6pm GMT today) via the link below…

Traust” unfolds in a powerful surge of throat singing, primordial rhythms and mystic chants. This song – which first appeared on their second studio album Futha – transports listeners back to a time where the veil between worlds was thinnest.

Christopher Juul, Maria Franz, Kai Uwe Faust, and their battalion of warriors, equipped with the lore of ages, cast a spell that reverberates through the bones of the Earth itself.

1. Opening Ceremony (1:03)
2. In Maidjan (12:30)
3. Alfadhirhaiti (7:23)
4. Krigsgaldr (9:04)
5. Hakkerskaldyr (3:33)
6. Svanrand (3:31)
7. Norupo (5:42)
8. Othan (10:21)
9. Traust (9:41) [WATCH]
10. Elddansurin (7:25)
11. Hamrer Hippyer (13:32)
Total runtime: 37:06


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