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IMMORTAL have completed work on their upcoming new studio album, ‘War Against All’, due to be released on May 26th via Nuclear Blast Records. Hear the title track below…

Photo credit: Leander Djønne

The band’s 10th studio album will feature 8 new songs in the classic, frostbitten  IMMORTAL style.

The new album title track ‘War Against All‘, is drenched with that classic Immortal sound that will, no doubt, appease even the most critical of Black Metal fans.

The band ́s founder Demonaz stated:

War Against All was the first track I wrote for this album. It’s a fast one where the riffs are mostly inspired by my riffs from Battles in the North. The lyrics are in the true Blashyrkh battle feel and mood for an opening track too. The frosty, raw, and fast battle songs in this style mean everything to me. I will never forget the early years, or disappoint the fans with slowing down the pace.
Even though the studio work is necessary to get an ultimate recording, the writing process is obviously my favourite. I still write all the guitar riffs/music at home with the same old vibe, and the lyrics as well. The early days of black metal inspire me the most. Cold nights in the woods, on the mountains under the winter moon. That’s what keeps the spirit alive, and the foundation to all our music.”

Check out the blistering new single below…

The album was produced in Bergen, Norway, at Earshot & Conclave Studios.

It’s actually the same studio where I recorded the guitars and vocals for Northern Chaos Gods. They also did a great job with the new album, and it was a pleasure to go back and work there again. I am especially pleased with the outcome on this one. It´s got that cold biting guitar sound, yet powerful production.

Immortal have never compromised on the original vision, which is taking fans on a journey through Blashyrkh with our most grim and dark music, with every new release. These songs are no exception to this. I am proud of the final result, it ́s got a distinct expression, and I can ́t wait to let the fans hear it!

The album’s cover artwork was done by the Swedish artist Mattias Frisk.

Pre-Order War Against All via this link.

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